Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things I would like to say "screw it" and do anyway.

I just did something really bad.

Something I haven't done since in about 10 years.

Something that I have been advised time and time again NOT to do by my mother, my sister, my husband, my children, strangers, and even public service announcements. And I did it... unprotected.


In the sunshine. With no sunscreen.

And I enjoyed it. Immensely.

Soaking all all those Vitamin D rays.

And frankly, I really could care less if my little indiscretion results in me looking like this lady in about 30 years. I don't live at the beach... I live in Idaho... seriously... I don't think it's even possible for me to get enough sun to look like this lady.

She does have some sweet belly button boobs.

The tanning got me thinking about several other things I would love to say screw it too.

Next on the list, traffic. I hate sitting in traffic. If I had all the time in the world I would say "screw it" and drive on the outskirts of town, on the country back roads, taking the long way everywhere I needed to go. Just so I would never have to sit in traffic, or wait at a traffic light.

And of course if I did that I would then have to say "screw it" to speed limits. Seriously.

I'm not talking about putting the pedal to the metal and screaming across country at 130 mph, I'm talking about driving back country roads, with the windows down and the wind in your hair, and not having to ever worry about if I'm going over or under...

"Is that car coming up on my fast cause I'm going too slow, or are they speeding?"

"Why is that car going so slow, am I speeding??What is the speed limit anyway??"

I just don't want to have to think about it. ever. Worrying about the speedlimit destroys the joy of driving. I wonder if anyone has ever sued the goverment over the destruction of the pursuit of happiness because of speed limit restrictions? If I were the judge I'd award damages.

Big damages.

That's it for now.

Memorial Day Weekend

Remember this? It was Memorial Day Weekend in 2008. We spent our time transforming outdoor garden area from this:

To this:Yeah, that garden didn't turn out so well for me.. Nothing really lived except my basil and rosemary. Ugh. So frustrating... Every year I seem to learn a bit more about gardening and so maybe this year.... well anyway.

Back to the present.

This year we transformed this:

Yeah, It's the same pictures, but it pretty much looked the same anyway..

To this:

Not to bad huh?

My parents came over... clearly, because this is not exactly something we would have been capable of creating on our own.

The pool is just one of those above ground bits. The kids can still touch the bottom, but it's a step up from the kiddie pool.

I'm hoping the pool means I get to keep a little bit of my sanity this summer.

And I'm just saying.. if the back yard is back to looking like this Memorial Day weekend 2010... well, I'm just walking away from the house and never looking back.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The World's Largest Garage Sale

Okay, so probably not. But that's the name of the event.

It's happening this Saturday, May 16th at Expo Idaho...
or the Boise Fair Grounds...
7am till 6 pm.

I will be there representing Rowdy Products. I've got about 325 Rowdy seconds (that's slightly damaged, or manufacturer defects...)

They are Sorted. The best ones will go first.

The prices are unbelieveable.

Starting at $10 for a bag that retails for $119.

Come on... you know you wanna...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day Pictures

Mothers Day was lovely. There isn't a whole lot to report on so to speak, just pictures.


We have church early. I mean way early. So after church we had plenty of time to go on a family outing before we were expected at my parents house for dinner.

We drove out to dedication point. It's a beautiful spot where there is a huge canyon over the snake river. It's beautiful. One of my favorite places to go hang out in all of Boise.

I sort of neglected to get a good picture of the river and the view..

There were a few lizards on the rocks and the kids really got a kick out of them.

Then we headed over to my parents house. This is my darling nephew Cruz.

He's started doing this new thing were he sucks on his upper lip.

And my nephew Johnny, with his namesake, my dad.

Johnny knows how to whistle. It's so cute.

The older boys. Completely enthralled with Justin's water feature on his i-phone

Right in my parents front yard they have some large pine trees. Two large owls have nested in the trees and had two babies. So there are 4 owls in the trees. These are the babies.

Anyone want some owl pellets??

Later, after dinner Pete gave Jill and some of the kids motorcycle rides on Al's new bike.

Andy wants to take me on a road trip on this bike sometime soon. I'm not so sure about that..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jennica's Field Trip

Today was the first grade field trip at Jennica's school. They went to Quarry park, hiked to the top of Table Rock, and then toured the Idaho Botanical Gardens.

This first picture was taken about 2/3rd of the way up the hill. That huge rock is where we're heading. It's about 20 feet tall if that gives you any idea...

First the hike...

From an REI trails guide:
If you’re hiking with older kids who are ambitious and in good condition, consider the much more challenging Table Rock Trail. Climbing 900' in 1.6 miles, it’s the main route to
the top of Table Rock. For an investment of some huffing and puffing, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views

1.6 miles... that's 3.2 miles round trip...

Yeah... This was about when the tears started. I mean bawling tears. But honestly, it was only one kid, out of about 75, so that's not bad. I did hear a lot of, "This is the worse field trip ever!" on the way down. Honestly, I thought it was great. Really good exercise and beautiful views... And I think most of the kids had fun.. They were just not use to this kind of physical activity.

Aaron could not wait to get to the top so he could yell encouragement to the kids still heading up the hill. If you look closely at the above picture there is a person in the lower right corner.Okay this next picture is a few of Jennica's classmates.

This little boy in front is Jennica's teachers son. He's also in the class. He's also the boy several of the girls, who will remain nameless, are absolutely in love with.

(Ah that's better. Unobstructed view.)

On the hike down, Aaron took off, and got way ahead of me.. He's among the little dots on the trail in this picture. He finally looked around and realized he couldn't find me anywhere and started crying till I caught up with him.

After the hike. I just love the little girl in red's facial expression. Yup, that about summed it up. :) They're going to sleep well tonight.

Next on to the botanical gardens. During the tour the leader taught the kids really interesting facts about earth worms, and then the kids got to hold one if they wanted. Aaron wanted. His neighbors did not.

Did you know Worms do not "dispose" of their "casings" underground? They wiggle their little bottoms up to the surface and do their business there.. so when you find a worm up above the soil, he's most likely trying to do his business... so for heavens sake, quite staring and give him some privacy.

I Love it. I didn't even have to work out today.

Best field trip ever. WAY better than the zoo.