Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Higher Education

When I was a senior in high school I was soooo tired of school.  Probably because it got in the way of boys, and dating boys, and looking at boys, and shopping.... so I looked good for boys.  And then there was work.  I worked from the very day I became legally able to hold a job.  At least 24 hours a week year round.  Yup, I was one of those girls who wasted all of the opportunities available for a free education.

I graduated from high school.  Without flying colors.

I applied to one college, and got turned down for non academic reasons.  Then decided I wanted to "take a year off"... then I was for sure going to college.  So I played, and moved across country, and played and worked, and worked, and worked...

When I wasn't dating I was working.  Obsessively. ...and doing very well?  I've never had a problem getting a job, getting promoted, getting a raise, or keeping a job.  By the time I was 20 I was making +$50,000/yr, so you can see why I would be hesitant to walk away and go to college, right?

My year came and I was working and engaged to be married to a boy who also had not gone to college.... so the priority then became putting him through college.... for nine years....

A lot happens in nine years.  Kids mostly.  So I continued to put it off, thinking when my youngest was about ready to start school THEN... then... I would go to college.

And so my youngest started school, and... I went back to work.  I know. really? What can I say, the economy was down.

So now I'm sitting here.  Sincerely embarrassed when anyone asks me where I went to college...  It just happened last week.  I was on a business trip meeting with an attorney and a CFO to settle a lawsuit and was asked if I went to Boise State....  I feel so guilt, but I just said "um yeah..."  I did technically fill out the enrollment papers and send them in once...

I have a hard time with the concept of college.  Do I think I could benefit.  YES.  Without doubt yes.
Do I think I'm going to be very successful in my career without going to college.  Yes.
Does everyone who goes to college have the opportunity to have a very successful career? NO... definitely no.  There is definitely something more important than a higher education that simply can't be taught... it can be learned, but the individual has to seek after it... you can't teach it to someone.

The secret? A strong work ethic, drive to succeed, and a sharp mind.

I am convinced those three qualities will get you farther in life than anything else.  I am convinced that with those qualities it's possible to learn everything that can be learned in college... eventually.

I am convinced that some people graduate college absolutely no better off than when they entered.

It's beginning to sound like I don't believe in higher education.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I'm just saying that a higher education isn't enough on its own.

I still want to go to college.  Thinking about quitting all my second jobs and actually doing it.. starting...  I know I've said that before.... I just really want the piece of paper.  I haven't quite figured out what I would actually study but I'm thinking engineering.

Should I do it?  let me know.. if you've gone...  didn't go...  going... whatever.

xoxo Cam

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For Business or Pleasure?


I'm sure after a while business travel could get old...  but not yet.

I love it!  I love to travel, try new things,  explore new places; so what could be better than combining it with work?  

I don't have to take time off.
I'm getting paid.
My expenses are covered.
And it's good for my company, and my career.

Jen and I recent to Washington recently.  Met some really great railroaders and clients.

Picked up some new colorful language.

Meet Mike Curtis and his lovely wife Pam. We had planned on having dinner with them, and ended up hanging out with them for 12 great hours.

"Soup Sandwich"
"Do you smell that?  BONES and FLESH.." 

The view from Mike and Pam's back yard.

Then we met a couple of Jims.
One Jim's a client,
One Jim's with Railex.

Then Nashville!  
I - L-O-V-E - Nashville.

Mostly because it's hot and humid and everyone wears cowboy boots.

It's also the home of one of my favorite clients...  

And a some of my favorite Engineers and Conductors..

And so...  Let the travel continue!  

Because Railroaders Care.

((I think we need to start making more ads like this.))

xoxo Cam

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My Bestie is Australian and has the most wonderful accent, however, she keeps telling me that I'm the one with the accent, but for reals... it's her. 

Ummm... until I try to use the Voice Search app on my phone to create a to do list while I'm driving. 

Now I have absolutely no idea what I need to do....

Set it free glitter in backyard repair chore chart for children repair homework assignment review meal are you brave girl email buy dog food you wardrobe dry cleaning check address is on all the nations in nashville email perry detox regarding music city record of nashville contact telephone number email addresses review assignment to take to nashville you trace r kmart highlineeport with shan organize all hotel airline and car rental paperworka review market time line

I think my favorite is: "email perry detox regarding music city record of nashville"  

Hmmm...  I already knew this was a problem, which is why I tried to pronounciate...

Alrighty, I gotta go set the glitter free in my back yard.

Until next time....

xoxo Cam