Monday, January 28, 2008

Jadviga Hedwig Edythe Zwyzweicz Serra Rogers

K- So it's a mouthful, but that's my grandma! She just turned 90 years old yesterday so I wanted to share a little bit about her story.

Born in 1918, my grandmothers given name was Jadviga (yad-viga) Zwyzywics(zY-Zwits) I'm not entirely sure I'm spelling it correctly. It's a Lithuanian name. Jadviga translates into English as Hedwig (head-vig).
My great grandparents had immigrated to New York Before my grandmother was born. When my grandmother started school her teacher asked her what her name was and when she told her the teach replied, "That's too hard, and it sounds like Edith, so you will be Edith." Edith stuck and she has used it ever since. When she was in her teens she saw it spelled Edythe and made the change.

Edythe went to a trade school-style high school and received her education as a seamstress. While she was in school, she loved going to the movies, and her and a friend use to skip school every Friday to see a show. At one point the principle threatend to fail her if she did not bring her mother to school for a talk. Grandma convinced her neighbor to come to school with her and pose as her mother. Her real mother never found out!

Her first jobs, at the age of 17, were working for a exclusive dress maker and an exclusive -Madison Avenue- Valet service. One afternoon in October the dress maker asked her to deliver a pair of shoes to a client who was leaving for Europe the next day. The shoes did not fit. Not wanting to loose the sale she was returning to the shop to exchange the shoes and was hit by a taxi. She was in the hospital for two months during which time gangrene set in in her leg and it had to be amputated just above the knee. At that time there was no physical therapy. She received a prosthesis and was sent home to learn to use it.

A couple years later Edythe met Nick Serra. They fell in love and were eventually married when Edythe was 22, and Nick 23. Shortly after they were married Nick accepted a job working in the Naval Ship Yards in Pearl Harbor (This was after the war had started). It was a full year before Edythe could join him in Hawaii. A couple of days before she arrived she stumbled on the deck of the ship and hit a pole, leaving her with a black eye to greet her husband.

The loved Hawaii very much and ended up staying after the war ended. Over the next 13 years they had 2 children Dan, and my father John. One day Nick left for work very early in the morning, as usually, and then came home for breakfast. They were talking about an anniversary party they planned to attend that night. As Edythe went about her day and began preparing for the party she heard sirens and thought nothing of it. A bit later some close friends came by the house and broke the news that there had been an accident at the plantation Nick was working at, and he and another man had been electrocuted. Nick was dead.

After Nicks death it became very difficult emotionally for my grandma to remain in Hawaii. She packed up her boys and moved to California. As she looked for a house she came across one and knew it was where she wanted to live. She bought the house in Campbell California for $17,000, and stayed there until 2005, when she sold her California home for $525,000 and moved to Idaho to be near for children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
At 90 years old Edythe is still living independently. Just last night she gave me a bag of homemade pirogi, an italian stuffed pasta, which I cannot wait to cook and eat. She's an amazing women with an incredible heratige and I love her so much!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Love is in the Air!

My design team Pocket Full Of Papers has decided to host the first ever multi group design team challenge on eBay. We invited our two favorite teams to join us. MBDT and OUAT. The listings have launched and will continue to launch through Feb 5th. Just search eBay using the keyword 3DT Challenge.
They all look amazing! There are so many talented designers out there, and it's been great to get to know them.

I decided to just create one listing for the challenge. Since I've been feeling yucky from pregnancy it really was hard to just get one done. I simply LOVE the way it turned out!
It's an acrylic and chipboard album with loads of sparkly rhinestones. I wanted it to look very romantic so I cut out the pink and just stuck with reds and blacks. There are tons of vinatage tags and plenty of room for pictures or valentines.
I'll post a few pictures here, but if you want to see the real details go to the listing by clicking here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is not one of those times...

Sometimes it's good to be short.
Like when you need to run down a long hallway with a low ceiling.
Or they're casting munchikins in the Wizard of Oz.

Pregnancy however is not one of those times. When you're pregnant it really stinks to be short. What stinks even more is being pregnant and having large babies. I'm not looking forward to being mistaken as a circus act who ran away.

Here's a picture of me from a formal event I went to back in late November of 2007. I believe I'm about a week and a half into my pregnancy at this point. Keep in mind my husband took the picture and he's way taller than I am so it makes me look even shorter. I'm actually 5' 4.5" tall.

I'm a nice size 4. Comfortable and in decent shape. I did a lot of running this past summer, and I eat right... I feel good about my body image.


In one month I went from my nice size 4 to a size 14! I took these pictures just about an hour ago. Yes, I'm 11 weeks along, and I'm already wearing maternity pants.
It's shameful! No matter what I do I'm going to gain about 60 lbs with my pregnancy and I'll get so big around that most of the XL maternity clothes won't fit.
My lucky sister in law, who happens to be 6 ft tall, never purchased a single maternity clothing item. She was able to wear lowcut regular jeans and the fashionable empire waist tops. I only wish!
Please don't get the impression I am upset I'm pregnant. I'm very happy to be having a baby and what that will mean to my family. And I am totally willing to sacrifice my body and sleep to get there, and I am very happy that I have the ability to get pregnant and carry a baby. I know not every women is so lucky and would give anything to be in my shoes.
Some women love how they feel when they are pregnant.
They must all be tall.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

No more Christmas Music

The Christmas season is officially over. I'm not going to change my blog yet because I still like the winter look of it all.

There's not much new to post.

I haven't finished any new projects because I still feel too sick to do much. Next week though, I've got to get busy. I have to complete an album themed, "love is in the air" for a multi group challenge on eBay. I'm excited about this album, I just hope I'll be feeling well enough to do it justice.

For Christmas, My dad got me a badly needed new computer. They transfered over all of my files from my old hard drive, but slowly I'm finding all the vital missing peices, like all of my pictures are missing, all my fonts are gone, Photoshop is gone and I can't find the disk... I'm going a little crazy. I still have my old hard drive, but I have no idea how to attach it to my computer to pull the stuff off. In short, argh.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rowdy Products!

Okay, most of you all know I just LOVE Rowdy baby product! They are a new company with the HOTTEST Rockabilly Bags I've ever seen! They have the coolest detachable handbag so you can be a mom without having to always look like a mom. KWIM?

Anyway, I wanted to mention them because for a limited time every 25th person to register on their website wins one of their signature changing pads. If you win, be sure and come back here and let me know!

Go sign up!