Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What do ya think??

I've updated my blog design!  Yikes, right??

I'm stressing over if you all will like it...  is the new tag a little to weird?? 

I started with an image of ...  yours truly... and added wings..  cause I have this sort-of love affair with wings right now..

It had silhouettes in the background flying kites...  but I showed it to my friend while it was a work in progress and she said...

"What's with the zombies??"


Well that's not going to work..

I tried a couple with different back grounds...  But they were honestly a little too colorful for me..

Yeah I know... zombies are still there..

So what do you think?? 

As a reminder here's the old tag...  designed by the FABULOUS  Jeri Lynn of Jurra Does Announcements.   Love her.  xoxo

In nervous anticipation,


Friday, October 14, 2011

What's this "Brave Girls Club" all about??

I've recieved the honor of guest blogging on the Brave Girls blog about my time and experience with Brave Girls Club and what it has meant to me. 

Check it out here:


Love you all. 


Ps. Go forth and conquer.