Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love Urban Outfitters.. and I still love eBay.

I am so excited!

I NEVER order swim wear online... truth is I rarely ever order clothing online. I have a hard enough time with fit in the stores.. seriously.. I've had three C-sections.. so things are not as "firm" or "high" as they use to be... But I saw this suit and I loved it so much I ordered it..

It arrived in the mail, and the fit is GREAT!!! I absolutely LOVE the vintage style.

(No this is NOT a picture of me... I wish it was!)

Eeeeeek! I am so excited.. now I just need a tan.

AND I also won an auction for a Canon Rebel sxi digital Camera. My current camera... well it totally sucks.. It's quite old and the lens is all scratched... I really wanted one of these camera, but I didn't want to pay the retail price.. which ranges from $550 to $799.. I got mine slightly used, in excellent condition with all the accessories and charges, and cables and manuals etc.. for lots less than retail. :)

It's a happy shopping day for me.


Friday, May 28, 2010

The fourth Grade Orchestra.

My son Noah had his end of year, 4th grade, Orchestra Concert. It was so cute. All the kids were dressed up, and well mannered.

Noah did great... Mostly he just looked handsome and studious.

They played a lot of songs....

I hope he keeps playing. My family did not grow up with music. My sister took piano lessons for a few years in elementary school.. and totally hated it. I had about 6 months of piano, then studies gymnastics.. and my brothers?? yeah, no. I would really like for my kids to have a little more music culture. A little more knowledge... be able to carry a tune..

You know...

The opposite of their mother.


So here is the "official" concert video. It's okay to laugh, I do...


My favorite part is my 5 yr old in the background complaining about how many songs are left and making other various noises with his body parts..

Oh I love it.

Make sure your speakers are turned up...

Real loud.

And enjoy.

On a completely separate and unrelated note, my brother Pete, and his wife Courtney had their first baby. Madison.

Isn't she beautiful? Look at that hair!

And finally if you want to see my latest layout, hop on over to the Teresa Collins Design Team blog and have a look!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's this "Brave Girls" thing all about?

Brave Girls as defined by the amazing Suzi Blu. Seriously. Suzi's art is amazing!

Seriously, check this out:

And this ones by Chelsea. Love love love her.

No one who has been to Brave Girls can talk about the experience without talking about the food.

Chelsea is the kitchen manager. Yeah. Seriously.

Now you know.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Warm Messages

"Mom, would you like a kiss from me?"

"Yes, I always love kisses from you!"

"And I always love kisses from you too! They give me warm messages. Warm messages make me feel happy inside."

Me too.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Prepare yourself, this post is all over the place.

Between working full time, and my company, and all the side jobs and commitments... and loads of emotional stress and strain, my blog has suffered. I'm trying to get better, but I just feel drained all of the time.

I'm working on finding balance, it's just not working out so well for me.

So, this is the catch up post.

First, in March my youngest brother got married to the cutest girl, with the best taste ever. The wedding was gorgeous. She wore her mothers wedding dressed, which had been redesigned and reconstructed.

The rest of the party was in brown, with accents in dark rich purples, orangey reds, and ivory.

She asked me to do her wedding flowers and at first when she said pheasant feathers, I was a little concerned... but they turned out so beautiful and the theme fit them to a T.

It was a cool night, but after the reception they jumped on Al's motorbike and ride off in their bridal clothes.

So happy to have Chey as a new sister in law. xoxo

Next Andy's birthday is in April. It was a beautiful day so we went to the park and threw the football and fed the ducks.

(Yeah, you see that perfect spiral, I threw it. Thank you very much.)

Then Jennica and I took a weekend trip to Utah. We stayed with Andy's Aunt Sue who I just adore. She's so fun, and very understanding and supportive, which is something I really need right now. I didn't take many pictures, but I did snap these from the guest room patio in the morning and at night.

Absolutely amazing view.

Lastly, my brother Pete and sister in law Courtney are expecting baby number one... She should be here within two weeks. :) We had a casual baby shower at a mexican restaurant.

I made her a baby blanket and a cute little tiny tag album.

Alright, I know, nothing thrilling, and insightful today. Ugh. I hate boring posts, But it's all I've got right now. :(

This week is May 2010 Brave Girls Camp. I can only make it from Thursday night till Saturday night... but I suppose that's better then not making it at all.

Love you all. Thanks for sticking with me and loving me anyway.