Friday, May 28, 2010

The fourth Grade Orchestra.

My son Noah had his end of year, 4th grade, Orchestra Concert. It was so cute. All the kids were dressed up, and well mannered.

Noah did great... Mostly he just looked handsome and studious.

They played a lot of songs....

I hope he keeps playing. My family did not grow up with music. My sister took piano lessons for a few years in elementary school.. and totally hated it. I had about 6 months of piano, then studies gymnastics.. and my brothers?? yeah, no. I would really like for my kids to have a little more music culture. A little more knowledge... be able to carry a tune..

You know...

The opposite of their mother.


So here is the "official" concert video. It's okay to laugh, I do...


My favorite part is my 5 yr old in the background complaining about how many songs are left and making other various noises with his body parts..

Oh I love it.

Make sure your speakers are turned up...

Real loud.

And enjoy.

On a completely separate and unrelated note, my brother Pete, and his wife Courtney had their first baby. Madison.

Isn't she beautiful? Look at that hair!

And finally if you want to see my latest layout, hop on over to the Teresa Collins Design Team blog and have a look!



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Jessica said...

I just love that concert video. My son's didn't like that kind of stuff but they both sang in the choir in grade school. My oldest, Peter, had to suffer through something similar with his kid brother too! TFS