Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love Urban Outfitters.. and I still love eBay.

I am so excited!

I NEVER order swim wear online... truth is I rarely ever order clothing online. I have a hard enough time with fit in the stores.. seriously.. I've had three C-sections.. so things are not as "firm" or "high" as they use to be... But I saw this suit and I loved it so much I ordered it..

It arrived in the mail, and the fit is GREAT!!! I absolutely LOVE the vintage style.

(No this is NOT a picture of me... I wish it was!)

Eeeeeek! I am so excited.. now I just need a tan.

AND I also won an auction for a Canon Rebel sxi digital Camera. My current camera... well it totally sucks.. It's quite old and the lens is all scratched... I really wanted one of these camera, but I didn't want to pay the retail price.. which ranges from $550 to $799.. I got mine slightly used, in excellent condition with all the accessories and charges, and cables and manuals etc.. for lots less than retail. :)

It's a happy shopping day for me.


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JANET! said...

YAY for the new camera!!! And, YAY for the new bathing suit!!! I love it too!!!!! Super cute!