Saturday, April 30, 2011

What I've Got to Work With

Easter Pictures.

(deep sigh)

Every year I try... and every year we end up with a lot of this:

That's all. 

Since the bad to good picture ratio is 50:1 I'm glad we took 150 pictures...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catalysts. Sometimes I wish I could go back before the catalyst.  but not lose all I have learned, just lose selective memories..  I hate remembering each minute of each day and reliving exactly what was going on exactly at this time.  I hate the distinct permanent memories. The memories that will ALWAYS be there. The ones I'll never ever forget.  The feeling behind the nurse telling me he was fine.  The sound of laughter in the next room.  The feel of the anesesia needle. The guilt over ruining the wedding. Never touching him. the horrifying feeling of dark and cold. The stupid idiotic "welcome back".. seriously.... ugh. so many memories I want to forget.  Does anyone know how to forget?

It wasn't suppose to be like this.  I'm done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mothers day is May 8th - How to give meaningful gifts.

How do you show your mother you love her on Mothers Day? 
Be kind, 
 Pamper her,   
and Lovely, lovely gifts.

The gifts I remember receiving for mothers day:

  • The handmade cards covered in marker, crayon, cut out hearts and way too much Elmer's glue.
  • Beautifully framed pictures of my family.
  • Funny comments and quotes recording throughout the year and presented in a keepsake book. 

And I remember a few gifts I have given.  They are the gifts that came from the heart, that I had to put some specific thought into.  Gifts I know my mother remembers because I still see them displayed in her home.   

There are several distinct factors that go into creating meaningful gifts that truly touch the heart of the receiver. 

1. Personal Sentiment.  Tell the gift receiver how you feel about them and what they mean to you.  The more genuine your words the more they will reach out to the receiver.  For a Mothers Day gift, consider mentioning specific things your mother or grandmother does for you that you don't usually thank her for... like keeping you in clean clothes, all those rainy soccer games, and listening when you need to talk.

2. Designed specifically for the recipient.  Choosing colors and styles your gift recipient prefers lets them know you're watching and listing.  You know their preferences because you care about them enough to pay attention to their decorating style, colors they wear more often, and their personal taste. 

3. Unique and one of a kind.  There is nothing like getting a Mothers Day gift that you saw on sale at your local box store the week before.... actually there is.  All gifts are wonderful and appreciated, but there is a real difference between appreciating a gift, and cherishing a gift.  One of a kind, made specially for the recipient gifts always have a big impact.  It tells the recipient,

It's easy for a mother to feel unappreciated.

Especially mothers who make the sacrifice to stay home with their children.  Stay at home mothers do not receive lunch breaks, or 15 minute breaks.  There is no Department of Mom Labor to make sure mothers are not over worked, or underpaid.  There are no scheduled rate increase, annual review, or customer satisfaction comment cards (thank goodness!!).  Stay at home moms work long hours, have sleepless nights and are always on the clock. Always. 

My son said to me the other day, "Mom, when is it kids day?"  I told him everyday.

This year let your mother know how much you really care.

Skip the silicone spatula.  Make her something meaningful, from the heart, customized to her taste.

Rendi can help.  (Just sayin.)


May 8th will be here before you know it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'll Scratch Your Back, if You'll Scratch Mine...

You know I love Rendi, right?

With Easter and Mothers Day right around the
corner it's the perfect time to host a party!

Here's the Deal, I want to introduce you to Rendi, and the art of giving meanful gifts.  So...

Book a Rendi party during the month of April or May and get a FREE Rendi item... not half price, but completely FREE! 

Just for hosting! 

(I'll even let you order it, before your party...)

But wait, it gets better!

At your party you can earn credits towards more free products, and half price items! 

Average party sales are right around $325.00

Here's the math:

Host a Party for me during April or May and you could end up with:

{three customized Rendi items for as little as $15.00}

{That's $5.00 an item...}
{for REAL}
Please contact me early..  My calendar is filling up fast.

You do not need to be in the Boise Area, or even open up your home to take advantage of this promotion! 
Remote and Internet based parties are welcome.

**This promotion is ONLY available through Camille McClelland - Rendi Independent Stylist**

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brave Girls Club - The Clubhouse

The Brave Girls Staff have been hard at work moving into their new...

Photography Studio.

{Please note:  All pictures have been pulled from this post on the request of Where Women Create until after publication.  xoxo}

Call it what you want, it's full Brave Girl's style, beautifully decorated, huge attention to detail, happy colors, lovely smiling faces... and most of all, a feeling of emotional safety.
While it's not quite finished...  I know these sneak peaks are going to blow you away. 

This is a special place.

Unfortunately, I only had my phone... :( so the picture quality is helping keep the secret a little more secret..

This place just breathes Kathy and Melody.
Vision, light, seeking after the best in every person and thing. 

It is amazing to me that they can go to thrift stores... there are items that have been passed over and over a hundred times.  Items no one seems to want, items that are broken, damaged, outdated, and unappealing.

Yet, they can see so much value...  and beauty and potential.

They buy up these items that seem to belong to the island of misfit home decor, and they strip it down to the good bare bones, and begin to build and identify beauty.  Finding the most important gifts each piece has to offer and enhancing them.

And then it's almost as if each item is guiding them, not the other way around.

Hmmm... Something about this seems so familiar....

 It's like magic... Magic fueled by Sonic and Mod Podge.

The Brave Girls World Headquarters has lots of gorgeous photo sets.... you'll be seeing a lot of those in coming videos, pictures, and tutorials.

And um, gorgeous staff...  This is Jeri Lynn... soon be be Jeri Lynn Ross...  So freaking excited for her!

Oh and Brave Girls Alumni...  You are all represented.  With love.  Where your contribution can't be missed.... right above the FOOD.

Speaking of food...  Yes, this is the refrigerator door... wait till you see the rest of it.

The Lobby

Hey guess what?  Melody and Kathy had an idea. 
Despite the mounting and seemingly dream-ending barriers, aren't we all so lucky
they listened, and did it anyway?

xoxo Cam