Thursday, July 16, 2009


I love to do wedding flowers. I love it. But recently things just have not been working out well for me in that arena.

Lets see, started a couple years ago, I had a wedding scheduled and ended up really nauseous for several weeks. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Finally went to the doctor and no, I was not preggers, I had double ear infections. weird right? What am I, four years old? Anyway, I had to find another florist to take over for me at the last minute. I was stressed.. thought I was going to ruin this couples wedding. but it all worked out.

Then last year my brother Pete was getting married and I was planning on doing their wedding flowers. They were having their reception on a Friday .. so I needed to have the flowers completed by Thursday night. On Tuesday of that same week I found out I had lost my pregnancy at 24 weeks. By Thursday I was in absolutely no condition mentally or physically to do anything but lay in bed. Had to find another florist to take over.

I was getting a complex that maybe I should not commit to do flowers anymore.

So when my friend Mandy contacted me about doing her sisters flowers I was a bit hesitant to commit. I was worried something would come up... again. but I did it, and they turned out beautiful. The pictures are not the best with my messy kitchen in the background, but I was in a hurry to get them delivered. Anyway.. enjoy!



Grooms Bootinier

Brides bouquet.

Lovely isn't it? I just love the depth of color that these particular roses present. They are just stunning flowers. I sure hope the bride loves them too. Guess I will find out at the reception tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pics from my phone

I have a new cell phone. It's a Motorola W755. Nothing special, but it has taken me hours to figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer.

Here's what I have to do... first individual select each picture on my phone and move it to the phone memory card.

Turn off the phone, remove the battery and remove the memory card.

Put the memory card into the adapter and put the adapter into my printer card reader.

Access my printer card reader from my computer.

select, edit, download.

open Picasso.
import pics, edit, export.

ahhhhhh! And I did all of this just so you can see the fab pics from my phone.

My nephew Cruz. He loves to hang out in the car and drive. He's so dang cute. 18 months old.

In Linkon city I was digging for agates around the tidal pools and this fish swims over and hangs out splashing around. It was so unusual. The fish is about 16-18 inches long or so, and I took this picture with my phone about 24 inches from the fish. It stayed there the whole time I was there. I wondered if it might have been sick, or something was wrong with it. It had easy access back to deeper water, but it would not take it.

And here is one mornings agate, shell, rock collection. pretty huh. I went every morning. the agate treasure hunt was addictive.

On the beach in Lincoln city:

My feet when we finally arrived and got to the water. Look how happy my toes are.

This is a little bag I made for one of Jennica's friends for her brithday. I hope she likes it.

Self portrait right after I colored my hair yesterday. wanted to check the color in the sunlight. I was concerned it would be too brassy, but I really like it.

Check this out! I never met famous people, but we stopped in baker city oregon for dinner and look who walked in: It's Maxine!

My beautiful sister Jill.

((And the reason I feel like I have weight issues.))

Sun bathing in Lincoln City. I <3 my Roxy hat.

The pictures were worth it, right? :) love you too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I heart Lincoln City, Oregon

Last week my parents rented a large beach house in Lincoln City Oregon. There were 17 of us going so we caravan-ed over together. Very nice road trip... our kids didn't want to ride with us. it was lovely!

I'm digging up sand crabs for the kids. Sand crabs are awesome. they have no pinchers and they just tickle your hand as they try to dig into the sand on your skin.

The second day we started making sand castles. Pete and Courtney made theirs first and then I came and made mine. Not bad, considering I haven't made a sand castle in like... 14 years..

This next one is mine.

Oh and yeah.. this piece of cardboard.. that's the only tool we used... that and a large clamming shovel.

Several people stopped along the beach to take pictures. I went back to the beach to check them out later, and someone had walked threw them. nice...

The last night we were there the boys went down tot he docks and bought a bunch of fresh seafood right off the boats. a large tuna and crabs... oh wow they were good.

Grilling fresh tuna.

The morning we left we went back tot he beach with Jill and her family and took pictures together. They turned out fantastic.

And finally I didn't get many pics of Pete and Courtney, so I snapped this one right before we left. I love the look on petes face... haha... he really loves his wife.
Driving back it was just Andy and I and our kids. The rest of the famil was staying one more night in Portland, but we needed to get back.

Noah snapped some pictures in the car. He is finally old enough to sit in the front seat so I traded with him for a few hours.

This picture of Jennica was taken in the rear view mirror.. not bad, noah.

Ah, it was fun. I absolutely love the beach. long walks, jogging, sandcastles, digging for agates. It was fabulous.

Thanks Lincoln City!