Friday, July 3, 2009

Warning:: Hot Biker Chick Alert!

So I've been begging and begging Andy to teach me to ride Drusilla, and he finally gave in.

Well not really. Actually this is the first time. I asked, and he jumped at the chance.

And okay, technically Drusilla is my name for the bike and Andy does not like it. But still. Drusilla is a rockin' name so it stays.

So here we go. I've had my riding instruction and yeah.. I'm a bit scared.

Scared of falling over. Scared of forgetting how to stop.

Did I mention this is not actually my first motorcycle ride?

Technically, I rode an Enduro back when I was around 13 years old... I circled my parents property a couple times, could not figure out how to stop, crashed into the garage. hard. fell over and burned my leg. really bad. And I was too scared to ever get back on.

Hence the anxiety.

So off I went. A little shaky. A little skittish. But yay! I did it!

And um, so I never actually left the parking lot. But that's okay, I made up for it today with an hour long ride... I even got up to 70 mph! It was so fun! I'm going to be riding a lot...

Drusilla is happy.

Drusilla likes me. I think I'm in LOVE with Drusilla.

4 comments: said...

She was amazing. It was fun to teach her the basics and watch her go off into the ... other side of the parking lot. I am a very proud husband. I can't wait till I have a bigger one and we can cruise together.

Kristi M. said...

Way to go! You totally look like a biker chick there. I love it!

Damaris said...

Love the bikes' name. You look like a hot mamasota!!!! Congrats on getting back in shape. Your hard work has paid off. So happy for you.

ang :o) said...

That's so cute!