Thursday, July 16, 2009


I love to do wedding flowers. I love it. But recently things just have not been working out well for me in that arena.

Lets see, started a couple years ago, I had a wedding scheduled and ended up really nauseous for several weeks. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Finally went to the doctor and no, I was not preggers, I had double ear infections. weird right? What am I, four years old? Anyway, I had to find another florist to take over for me at the last minute. I was stressed.. thought I was going to ruin this couples wedding. but it all worked out.

Then last year my brother Pete was getting married and I was planning on doing their wedding flowers. They were having their reception on a Friday .. so I needed to have the flowers completed by Thursday night. On Tuesday of that same week I found out I had lost my pregnancy at 24 weeks. By Thursday I was in absolutely no condition mentally or physically to do anything but lay in bed. Had to find another florist to take over.

I was getting a complex that maybe I should not commit to do flowers anymore.

So when my friend Mandy contacted me about doing her sisters flowers I was a bit hesitant to commit. I was worried something would come up... again. but I did it, and they turned out beautiful. The pictures are not the best with my messy kitchen in the background, but I was in a hurry to get them delivered. Anyway.. enjoy!



Grooms Bootinier

Brides bouquet.

Lovely isn't it? I just love the depth of color that these particular roses present. They are just stunning flowers. I sure hope the bride loves them too. Guess I will find out at the reception tomorrow.

Wish me luck.



ang :o) said...

Beautiful! You are very talented.

Kristi M. said...

LOVE those orange roses. That color of rose is my very favorite.

Emi said...

nice. looks like the curse may be over, perhaps?

Amanda said...

So glad the house didn't burn down or something like that. The flowers turned out beautifully. I love the bride's bouquet. Great job! said...

I am so proud to be married to such a talented and beautiful woman. I am the luckiest man this world has ever seen!

Kristie Wright said...

I love them... If she didnt love them I was going to say... Can you save them till my anniversary? :o) Its only a couple of weeks away!

mandbrid said...

She LOVED them Cam! Everyone did....I can't thank you enough for doing them for us. They were PERFECT. Thank you so much!

Holly said...

Cam, I loved them!!! I'm so thankful that you did them for me! They were SO beautiful.

Dee Dee said...

Beautiful. :)