Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I heart Lincoln City, Oregon

Last week my parents rented a large beach house in Lincoln City Oregon. There were 17 of us going so we caravan-ed over together. Very nice road trip... our kids didn't want to ride with us. it was lovely!

I'm digging up sand crabs for the kids. Sand crabs are awesome. they have no pinchers and they just tickle your hand as they try to dig into the sand on your skin.

The second day we started making sand castles. Pete and Courtney made theirs first and then I came and made mine. Not bad, considering I haven't made a sand castle in like... 14 years..

This next one is mine.

Oh and yeah.. this piece of cardboard.. that's the only tool we used... that and a large clamming shovel.

Several people stopped along the beach to take pictures. I went back to the beach to check them out later, and someone had walked threw them. nice...

The last night we were there the boys went down tot he docks and bought a bunch of fresh seafood right off the boats. a large tuna and crabs... oh wow they were good.

Grilling fresh tuna.

The morning we left we went back tot he beach with Jill and her family and took pictures together. They turned out fantastic.

And finally I didn't get many pics of Pete and Courtney, so I snapped this one right before we left. I love the look on petes face... haha... he really loves his wife.
Driving back it was just Andy and I and our kids. The rest of the famil was staying one more night in Portland, but we needed to get back.

Noah snapped some pictures in the car. He is finally old enough to sit in the front seat so I traded with him for a few hours.

This picture of Jennica was taken in the rear view mirror.. not bad, noah.

Ah, it was fun. I absolutely love the beach. long walks, jogging, sandcastles, digging for agates. It was fabulous.

Thanks Lincoln City!


A-me said...

love the picture of your cute little family on the beach... definitely frame worthy.

Emi said...

wow, you're a talented sand castler. looks like you had fun

BigTex.in.Idaho said...

She is just plain talented. I am so impressed every time this wonder woman does anything crafty. The sand castle was just another thing she is really good at.
I got burned on that sand castle day - the first full day there - so I was in the rental house most of the rest of the vacation. It was relaxing, but not really fun for me. I was just really glad that the kids and Camille had the time of their lives though. That made it all worth it for me.

Kristi M. said...

Fun! I love the Oregon Coast. I love your family pictures. They turned out really well. I love the softness that appears on oregon beach pictures.

Ali your BFF said...

Oh Cami, you are looking fabulous! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Would totally love to do something like that with both our families one day! Oh and the photography is awesome! Can't wait to see you in Sep!!!

Amanda said...

I enjoyed all those fabulous pictures of your family. Wow, you put my sandcastles to shame. Glad you guys had a great trip. Where's the next adventure going to be?

ang :o) said...

Those sand castles are amazing! And your family pix or great!