Monday, October 27, 2008

Cosmo Cricket - Inspirations

Cosmo Cricket has accepted my album for their Inspirations Gallery.

Yay! I'm so excited.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The top of Two Peas


Thanks again to all of you, my 2008 Christmas Village - Santa's Workshop album has been voted to the number one position on the Two Peas in a Bucket Gallery, and the number two position by views.

Personally, I take no shame, and find great honor in being second on the most views list to Katie Watson. She is amazing, I love her work. Katie is on the Maya Road design team and also the Paisley Pink design team, she also designs for 7 Gypsies. AND, she happens to be a friend of mine. :) Love her.

Thank you so much! Your support and nice comments build me up so much and mean more to me that you'll ever know. My Love Language is definitely "words of affirmation". I have to hear or read comments that my albums are good in order to believe it. Thanks for making my day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 Santa's Village Album Set - Santa's Workshop

sSanta's Workshop

Copyright Camille McClelland 2008

I love this clock. I'm thinking of making a real working one for myself.

Notice the hand drawn wood grain.

It's easier than it looks. My kit will have very easy to follow directions so you can recreate it, no matter your skill level.

Love the Elf door. Yes, it opens.

I wanted to have a drawing board in the workroom, and I love how this turned out. On your album you can leave as is, or place a photo on the mat.

My first bear....

I decided to create the sleigh loading docks on the back of the Santa's Workshop album.

complete with hand drawn stone wall, loading bays, Christmas Wreath, trees, and "HO HO HO" pained on the industrial tower.

During the construction of my albums I take approximately 200 pictures so each step in the instructional guide has plenty of visual details.

It will probably take a little over a week before I am finished with the instructional guide for this album kit. The expected ship date is November 3rd.

Due to time constraints with trying to create 5 album kits for Christmas I will be limiting sales on all of Christmas Kits to 10. Based on previous sales, I do expect these albums to sell out very quickly.

The "Add to Cart" button will be removed once the kit is no longer available.

Full Kit will include:
Acrylic Album
Binder rings
All papers and embellishments to complete album
Colorbox Cat's eye ink pad
Ribbons for binder rings
Double sided Foam tape
Step by step instruction guide complete with full color pictures.

Additional tools needed to complete this kit:
Crop a Dile
Scrapbook dry chalks
Sharp pointed scissors
Fabri-tac Adhesive
White (dries clear) glue
Platinum Stickles
Silver paint marker
Black felt tipped pen with 01 or 05 tip
Colored Pencils

It's Finished!

The first on my 2008 Christmas Album set is finished! I am so excited.

I promise to post all the pictures and details later this evening... including a link to pre purchase the album kit.... For now thought... I have no time.

Here's one picture to get your mouth watering and make your palms sweaty. :)

Santa's Workshop

Copyright 2008 Camille McClelland

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been a bad blogger...

Sorry, It's just not much has been going on that I feel like blogging.

I have a fat lip from Aaron running into me, with his head.

My Cosmo Cricket, Oh Joy, Christmas paper has arrived and I am SOOOOO excited to work on my album.

I LOVE great friends.

I LOVE my family.

Hopefully you'll get a real post from me soon...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ch - Ch - Ch.

Andy called me yesterday specifically to remind me to blog about this.

Over the weekend Jennica was writing something and she came and asked me what letters make the sound "ch". We are in the learning phase so instead of telling her I helped her figure it out. she got it pretty quick and started to write it down.

I asked her what she was writing, and she said the alphabet. So I asked her,

"where's the CH in the alphabet?"

Her reply was, "I'm at the end part you know, Now I know my A - B - C's next time won't CHEW... ch, ch.. sing with me."

I need some good Noah Stories, but he's getting older so I don't have many.

I know, yesterday he came home from school and tell me, "mom, so and so (girl) LOVES me." You have to understand he tells me this with his eye's bugged as large as he can get them.

I asked him how he knows she loves him, and he says, "She (girl A) told (girl B) and (girl B) told me. And they BOTH sit at my table!

Wasn't the third grade the greatest!

Here's another that I actually have written down somewhere. I think Noah was about 4 or 5 when he said it.

"Birds can fly, but people can't fly, but birds can fly, unless they are dead, and then they can't fly, just like people."

I didn't mean for this to get emotional, I wasn't even feeling it when I started typing, but it's kind of ironic. Birds can't fly when they are dead, and when people die they can.

Today is national Infant and Child Death Awareness Day. If you know someone who has lost a child, tell them you love them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Thousand, Two Hundred, Fifty-Eight Days.

That's how long we made it. Eight years, eleven months, and 3 days...

Let me remind you how Aaron looked on Sunday:

Nice, huh. He's so handsome. I am SOOO glad we took pictures because today I am getting out of the shower and Aaron slides the blades of a pair of scissors under the door and calls out,


Um yes, go put them on mommy's desk and don't touch anymore. Those are not toys.

phew... crisis averted.

And then I open the door.

"Mommy, I have hair on me!"

Ah, crap.

Three thousand, two hundred and fifty eight days. that's how long I have been a mom, and how long we have managed to go without this ever happening.

Why did it have to be the one with my favorite hair?

"Aaron! Now we have to give you a new haircut to fix your hair!

"Is my hair broken?"

It is now....

Grrr... Darn if he isn't still cute.

It'll grow back, Right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am a worrier...

Not to be confused with a warrior. Being a warrior would be awesome! A warrior would always know what to do and and wouldn't fret over if any one's feelings got hurt in the decision making process because they would know they made the right choice. A warrior is always needed and makes those around them feel secure and safe. I would love to think people are all scared and don't know what to do and then I show up.


And everyone is so happy and feels so at easy. Like, NOW everything will be A-Okay.

But alas, I am a HUMONGOUS worrier. Here are some of the things I worry about. Some are rational, and some are really not.... but that won't stop me because I am a Super Worrier.

And by the way, a super worrier does not wear a cape, and never has pictures of them taken at an upwards angle so they look larger than life, with wind blowing threw their hair and the sun at their back.

I'm worried....

...the first freeze of winter has killed my sad little garden and I did not get enough produce to put up for the winter.

...something bad will happen this winter and since I didn't get food put up we will all starve to death.

...something bad will happen and we won't be able to get any energy and we will all freeze to death this winter. BFF is really sick and maybe she won't get better.

...there are so many horrific things happening with my siblings right now that make so sad and stressed for them.

...the letter I wrote to my dear friend to try and express my love, and be helpful came out all wrong and just made her feel worse and..

...I should email her or call her and apologize but then if I didn't make her feel worse I look like an insecure idiot and...

...she will think, "Oh no, not her again!" when I come around.

...everyone thinks, "oh no, not her again!" when I come around.

...there are people I should forgive and need to forgive that I am hanging onto anger towards.

...about my friend who just found out her husband is being laid off.

...about my husbands job when so many people seem to be out of work, or getting laid off.

...about my in laws in Russia with the Georgia conflict. car might break down

...fiances are too tight.

...about the economy.

...the elections. Neither candidate seems to like a really great choice to me. I teaching my children what they need to KNOW to survive when they leave the house... every time they leave the house

...I'm bitter when I see pregnant women and newborn babies.

...about being used.

...people don't really like my work, but just tell me they do to placate me. kids teachers might not like my kids. all might realize I am a loser and move on. all now know how insecure I am and will think I'm a freak. A freak who needs help, and you will move on.

...I keep letting people down.

...people think I am a bad mom because my kids are not in the top of their class. kits for the November Crop I would like to participate in will not sell.

...that I worry too much.

Okay, I think I'm done for now. Not that this is all I am worried about, It's just the parts I feel comfortable sharing. There is so much more!

Wouldn't you like to know... Probably not. Wait, don't go....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm so excited!

I still haven't been able to get my hands on any Christmas paper kits yet, but I'm getting started anyway. I don't have much to show, but I'm throwing out a sneak peak.

I'm not even going to tell you which part of Santa's Village this album is.

Okay, I LOVE the way the faux wood grain turned out on the front doors, and it really was SO easy.

And the door trim, why yes, I did use my decorative scissors. lol!

Be sure to notice the snowflake window in the background... I'm still contemplating that one, it might change.

:) I am seriously so excited about this album.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Annual PFOP Design Team eBay Auction

I use to be a party of a design team called Pocket Full of Papers (PFOP). They are an AMAZING group of designers who sell their designs on eBay, ETSY and through their blogs etc. Anyway, after I lost Vincent, I didn't feel like I could keep up with the group requirements so I left the team. They are all still good friends of mine and I have so much respect for them and their abilities.

Every year, since the group started in July 2006, they have had a very special auction in October. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The entire team works together to create one project which they auction on eBay and donate the entire final sales amount to The Susan G. Korman For the Cure foundation.

This years project is a beautiful recipe tin with absolutely gorgeous recipe cards inside. The recipes looks so yummy I'd take them even without the tin, and I love the tin!

I have placed my bid and I hope you will all do the same. I would love to win it, but breast cancer is a cause that is very dear to me, so I would be very happy to see it sell for much more than I can afford. Click here to go check it out!

Way to go Pocket Full of Papers!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just came across a piece of paper I used to jot down something Jennica said a couple weeks ago and I have to share it.

One morning we woke up to find a dead locust on our back patio. Unusual, since we don't really get locusts in these parts. It's the first one I can ever remember seeing. Anyway, here's Jennica's insight.

"Ants are all over the dead leaf bug! They are going after it to take it back to their house... to eat... or for like a decoration, you know -- for like a party."

I thought it was funny. oh, to be 6 years old again and think everything involves a party.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Only When You're Four, and ONLY on your birthday...

Today is Aarons 4th birthday. (WOOHOO, Happy birthday!!)

We had a fun busy day. I had unavoidable errands to run so we topped for lunch at Carl's Jr. Not something we usually do since I'm too cheap to buy lunch when there is perfectly good peanut butter at home, and because we try not to eat too much fast food. Anyway, Aaron loved it and was a perfectly good little boy. When I told him one more slide, then we need to leave he didn't argue or throw a fit, he had his slide and walked right over and said "Okay, lets go." (maybe that's a new 4 year old thing, because it SURE wasn't a 3 year old thing...)

Then in the afternoon I ask him what he wants for his birthday, cupcakes or one big cake? He says both.

I can do that.

Split the batter. 1/2 cup cakes, and one 8 inch round single layer. Perfect. They came out the oven looking lovely. We left them to cool, and then about an hour later head back to frost them.

This is what I see.

Do you notice anything out of the ordinary?

I hope you say yes, and that you noticed the large bite out of the cake.

But, did you also notice the nibbles he took out of the other 4 cupcakes??

Oh well a little frosting will cover that right up. (shhhhh...) Good thing they are just for our family and not to take to school.

Aaron then took the camera and took some pictures of me frosting the cake.

And the happy birthday boy with all his cakes. He decorated all the cupcakes by himself! What a great job!

Don't ask about the little pale orange wormy things that appear to be crawling out of the cakes.

Can we say YAY for sugar!

After I took his picture he says to me, "What about this funny smile mom?"

Here, have some more sugar, sugar.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wings Take Me Home

I've been wanting to to something for my little Vincent, but I just couldn't seem to come up with anything that really felt right.

I wanted something that I could keep with me.

And that I could use as an instrument to make it easier for other people to ask about my little boy.

And to make it clear that even though I am okay, I still think about him every hour of every day.

I finally got the design right to meet my needs.

I don't believe that my baby has wings. I don't believe that angels have wings at all. But I love the symbolism of the wing. To me, it symbolizes the ability to ascend unassisted.

When my baby was born, he had been gone for a couple weeks. I do have pictures of him, but the pictures are hard to look at, and I can't bare the idea of sharing the pictures with anyone who might not quite get how precious they are to me. Even if his little body wasn't...

just wasn't.

So I have his ultra sound pictures. The last set of ultra sound pictures I have are from my last doctors appointment. I'm lucky to have them. He had already had his ultra sound several weeks before this, but the doctors baby heart monitor was not working so she used the ultra sound to check his heart beat, and printed some pictures for me while she was at it. He passed away approximately two weeks after this ultra sound.

I printed the picture on vellum paper so when you hold it up to the light you can see through the page.
On the reverse side is one of my favorite quotes, with a little extra I added. It says:

Having a baby is to forever have your heart go walking around outside of your body. Stillbirth changes nothing."

I have decided to sell the acrylic mini album. There are so many people I can think of in my own personal life who have lost a loved one to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, illness, cancer, accidents... It breaks my heart and it's so impossible for me to fathom how anyone can survive multiple losses. The pain would be unbearable.

Right now, the album is priced a little high because it's so difficult to cut. I am working on trying to have the album manufactured so I don't have to hand cut each one. If I can I will adjust the price, but it could be a while before I get there. If you need one now...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh my word... Are you kidding me!

Okay, Seriously was not expecting anonymous hate comments about the car incident.

I guess I need to clarify. I thought the girl had cleared the front of my car. I bumped her calf on her back leg as it was swinging forward. The momentum of her swinging her leg, and my car bumping her, spun her around 180 degrees, facing the passenger side of my car. The front wheel rolled up on her foot before I could stop. I did not have any intention to actually hit her. I was just being careless and reckless.

Of course it was an accident. I was an immature, young teenager. I didn't understand how dangerous a car can be. I felt HORRIBLE when it happened, and I was very concerned for the girl, and whether she was okay. Maybe I was cavalier in how I told the story, but I guess I just didn't think about how other people might perceive the story. It did happen over 14 years ago...

Luckily, for her and for me, the results were not serious. No one was injured and I learned my lesson. I mean, really, do you think I ever got that close to pedestrians again, no matter how slowly they may have been walking?

Let me repeat again. I know know I was in the wrong, and I know what I did was stupid, and I know I could have really hurt that girl. And I know we both were very lucky things turned out like they did.

It's notable to mention that all the people who have commented who know me personally thought the story was humorous and insightful. Because they know me, and they know I am a caring, decent, person, who does not take the safety and welfare of others for granted. This happened a long time ago. I have children now too, and if someone ever hit one of them in a parking lot I would be absolutely livid.

I guess what I'm trying to say is we all do stupid things when we're young. It's the bad decisions that help us to grow up and mature into responsible, decent, adults. I'm glad I had this experience, that turned out this way to learn my lesson, and that it wasn't something much more serious. I was able to learn that a car is not a good tool to use to try to get respect, and I was able to learn respect for being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Now I can say that hitting that girl was the only accident I have ever been in, and I have a clean driving record. All because I was able to learn my lesson in the high school parking lot, diving less than one mile per hour. Yes, at the expense of this poor girl, but most of the lessons we learn from doing something stupid come at the expense of others. I did apologize profusely to her, and she did forgave me.

Anyone who wants to continue to post and tell me how horrible I am, please go ahead, I'm not going to stop you, and if you never want to read my blog again I have no problem with that either.

Tolerance people. It's all about tolerance...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Funny Stuff

I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to do here on my blog. So many of my hits are scrapbook related I kind of feel like I should make my blog more professional and stop with the personal posts. At the same time, I really like the personal posts, and I don't know if I want to try and maintain two blogs. And so, for now, I'm going to keep blogging both.

Personal, and business related scrapbook posts. Hopefully, you can handle the randomness.

Speaking of randomness, I have a few stories about me and my brothers growing up that I want to post about before they are completely forgotten. Just funny random stories that happened when we were kids. Catching up with old friends on Facebook is bringing the stories all back.

First, my story. (and my senior pictures, and student ID card.)

When I was a junior or senior in high school, I can't remember which, I hit a girl in the parking lot at school. I know, I'm crazy. Let me just explain...

This is probably the norm in every high school, but there was a certain group of girls, who when walking to their car in the parking lot, would show zero respect for the other students who might be in their cars trying to leave the school... They would just walk out slowly into the street and purposely take their time crossing the road with an attitude of disdain and superiority that was meant to make you feel inferior.

Nobody likes to be treated that way.

So anyway, one day two of them walk out in front of my car and so I just kept going... That sounds worse than it is... I was just coasting at probably less than 1 mile an hour. I thought they were clear, but I misjudged the distance and "bumped" one of the girls in the leg, and it spun her around and my car rolled up on top of her foot. Which is where I promptly hit the breaks. THAT sounds worse than it really was, too. I did drive a GEO metro, I mean come on, one day as a practice joke, 4 guys picked up my car, moved it out of it's parking spot, rotated it 90 degrees and left it in the middle of the isle. The car wasn't that heavy.

I was so embarrassed that I completely blocked it from my memories for about 10 years. Then, one day, it suddenly came to me, "Did I hit a girl in the parking lot in HS??" Yup, I remember it all now. Kelly McCrory was in the car with me. I don't have any idea the name of the girl I hit, she was fine by the way (and I bet she never took her sweet time crossing the road again! You see, I'm not crazy, I just did everyone a favor).

The next story, It's about my brother, Alex. Let's see.. there are so many to tell! From the time he was working under a station wagon, which was up on a forklift, and the fork lift failed and dropped the entire car on top of him. He quickly turned his head to the side and it was still squeezing his head against the ground... he walked away with a little road rash on his shoulder...

And then there is the time he and his friends decided to watch scary movies with their dates,
on Halloween,
in the middle of a corn field.

Here's Al, with John McCain, and the BSU mascot standing in front of their "Drill here, Drill now" Homecoming float, which won first prize, I think?? I know they got some cold, hard, cash for the design anyway.

One of my favorites about Al was the dates he and Cory Fischer took to one of the girl ask guy high school dances. Emphasis on the girl ask guy part. This was one of those rare times Al and Cory did not get asked to the dance, but I guess they really wanted to go because they made larger than life "dates" that were the ugliest dummies I have ever seen. We're talking about flannel shirts buttoned all the way up sewed to denim pants, and stuffed till the buttons were ready to pop, and hand drawn faces on what might have been pillow cases.... Then they borrowed moped scooters and strapped the "girls" (and I use that term loosely) on the back, and took them to the dance. The really sad part... Al and Cory's guy friends, who had actual real, live dates, kept cutting in and dancing with the dummies....


I guess that left Al and Cory with the real live girls... Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Al's still single by the way... if anyone out there is interested. haha.. Good thing he doesn't read my blog!

Okay, then there is Justin. Most of Justin's High School stories we don't find out about till years later, that way he doesn't get in any trouble with mom and dad and we can all laugh about it when he does tell.

Like when he and a friend streaked across the field at a football game.

My favorite, though, was a time before his mission when he and a bunch of his friends were up at the lake wake boarding. Justin's friend was driving the boat and he accidentally ran over one of their other friends, who was in the water (that by the way, is way worse than hitting someone with your car). They killed the engine (not the guy), and pulled the guy into the boat. He was a little dazed.

They noticed the back of his wet suit was sliced open so they told the friend, "Hey, lets get this wet suit off you." Then they noticed the back of his shorts were sliced open, so they took a gander at his rear end, and sure enough, it was sliced open too. but I guess it wasn't that bad. They took the guy home and taped, yes taped, his sliced open rear end closed, and the guy went on a date that night.

That was just one of the stories we didn't hear about till after Justin came home from his mission.

Well, that's all I've got for now. And um, Jill and Pete, don't worry, I'll tell some good embarrassing stories about you next time...