Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Only When You're Four, and ONLY on your birthday...

Today is Aarons 4th birthday. (WOOHOO, Happy birthday!!)

We had a fun busy day. I had unavoidable errands to run so we topped for lunch at Carl's Jr. Not something we usually do since I'm too cheap to buy lunch when there is perfectly good peanut butter at home, and because we try not to eat too much fast food. Anyway, Aaron loved it and was a perfectly good little boy. When I told him one more slide, then we need to leave he didn't argue or throw a fit, he had his slide and walked right over and said "Okay, lets go." (maybe that's a new 4 year old thing, because it SURE wasn't a 3 year old thing...)

Then in the afternoon I ask him what he wants for his birthday, cupcakes or one big cake? He says both.

I can do that.

Split the batter. 1/2 cup cakes, and one 8 inch round single layer. Perfect. They came out the oven looking lovely. We left them to cool, and then about an hour later head back to frost them.

This is what I see.

Do you notice anything out of the ordinary?

I hope you say yes, and that you noticed the large bite out of the cake.

But, did you also notice the nibbles he took out of the other 4 cupcakes??

Oh well a little frosting will cover that right up. (shhhhh...) Good thing they are just for our family and not to take to school.

Aaron then took the camera and took some pictures of me frosting the cake.

And the happy birthday boy with all his cakes. He decorated all the cupcakes by himself! What a great job!

Don't ask about the little pale orange wormy things that appear to be crawling out of the cakes.

Can we say YAY for sugar!

After I took his picture he says to me, "What about this funny smile mom?"

Here, have some more sugar, sugar.


Emi said...

That's awesome. complete with teethmarks.

Damaris said...

LOL!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! That is too funny. Happened to me too...except the back of the cake had a huge hole in it...did not despair...simply made sure that no one saw the back of the cake!!! LOL.

Krista Hanna said...

Awwww he is so sweet :) I think it's great how you took photos of his nibbles off the cake, I loved reading about it!

mandbrid said...

I sure love that Aaron boy of yours! (ever since he peed on the slide - I've been hooked!) Happy Birthday Aaron!! Great job on the cakes...

mandbrid said...
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Kim said...

That is TOO funny! It sounds like my 2 year old!

Kristi M. said...

I love the cakes and the marks! Way cute. I also love his cool shirt.

Ali said...

Happy Birthday little man, can't believe how fast time goes... he was just a bubba when you and I became friends. love the nibbles from the cakes, too funny!!!