Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ch - Ch - Ch.

Andy called me yesterday specifically to remind me to blog about this.

Over the weekend Jennica was writing something and she came and asked me what letters make the sound "ch". We are in the learning phase so instead of telling her I helped her figure it out. she got it pretty quick and started to write it down.

I asked her what she was writing, and she said the alphabet. So I asked her,

"where's the CH in the alphabet?"

Her reply was, "I'm at the end part you know, Now I know my A - B - C's next time won't CHEW... ch, ch.. sing with me."

I need some good Noah Stories, but he's getting older so I don't have many.

I know, yesterday he came home from school and tell me, "mom, so and so (girl) LOVES me." You have to understand he tells me this with his eye's bugged as large as he can get them.

I asked him how he knows she loves him, and he says, "She (girl A) told (girl B) and (girl B) told me. And they BOTH sit at my table!

Wasn't the third grade the greatest!

Here's another that I actually have written down somewhere. I think Noah was about 4 or 5 when he said it.

"Birds can fly, but people can't fly, but birds can fly, unless they are dead, and then they can't fly, just like people."

I didn't mean for this to get emotional, I wasn't even feeling it when I started typing, but it's kind of ironic. Birds can't fly when they are dead, and when people die they can.

Today is national Infant and Child Death Awareness Day. If you know someone who has lost a child, tell them you love them.


Alison said...

I love you! I think your strength is an inspiration xox

Emi said...

I love you

mandbrid said...

I love you Camille...

Kindall Klan said...

I love you!

Craig and Stacy said...

1st of all jennica is hilarious and she doesn't even know it and I call that talent.
2nd all children are amazing and the insight they have to heaven that we can not see or remember is a blessing to us as there parents
3rd I love you TOO :):):):)

Kristi M. said...

Your kids are so funny! Thanks for sharing. I saw in the Etsy forums that it was national Infant and Child Death Awareness Day and immediately thought of you and another family in our ward that lost a daughter the same way 6 years ago. I love you and admire your strength and honesty!

Damaris said...

I love you Ms. Camille!!!

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

Thank you for this. I am so sorry.

Jesse Edwards said...

I love you Camille, I know, we barely know each other, but I feel a connection to you! You are awesome!

jillybean said...

I love you!