Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tooled Leather Flower Necklace. Do you want it?

It's time for the Second Annual Charity Wings Seaside Soiree.  December 3-5 in Oceanside California. 

Great classes, great friends, great food, great cause.  Can't beat it. 

Oh, and did I mention it's in Oceanside. CA?   :)

What is Charity Wings? 

Charity wings is a volunteer run organization that serves as a resource for crafters and artists that want to fund raise for their favorite causes. Their mission is to raise money and awareness for noble causes through unique creativity based events and online fundraisers.

Charity Wings has grown each year from two events the first year (2006) to hosting and or sponsoring 37 events, raffles and silent auctions last year that benefit 27 different charities.

At last update:

Charity Wings a.k.a. Scrapbook Royalty has raised over $347,665.41 for noble causes.

What is Seaside Soiree?

Seaside Soiree is a fundraising event designed to cover the operating costs of Charity Wings.  Through events like Seaside Soiree, Charity Wings can often donate 100% of proceeds raised to the causes they are intended.  And that's why I'm such a big fan.

And now... without further delay...

Here is my contribution for the Saturday Night Silent Auction:

Not me.... just the necklace... or shall I say Cam-lace.

This necklace is the first of it's kind, handmade, stamped and sculpted leather made by your's truely.  The pictures don't do justice...  It's honestly GORGEOUS.

Here's a little about how I made it:

 Two inch squares, with a half inch slit cut at the center of each side.  Round the edges.  Make two, one for the petals and one for the leaves. 





Next, I made pansies out of a couple leather apple die cuts.

Trim the stem off, use a daisy stamp to form the center.  The rest I formed using hand tools and my fingers.

And so on and so forth....

Did I mention I found the best deal on leather buying a large bag of assorted leather die cuts.  Who knew frog legs could pass as foliage?

I formed the leaf veins with my fingernail, then painted and sealed.

Next, I planned out my layout.  I added sparkly buttons and beads to add texture and depth.

Everything then gets mounted with adhesive or wire to a fabric backing.  I added multiple strands of chain, leather and beads to create the necklace, and..... done. 

I don't know if Charity Wings will accept silent auction bids from outside bidders or if you need to attend in person..  but I'd give it a shot.... And of course, I'll keep you posted.

But only because I love you...


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lets Get Rowdy.... Rocker Style...

I am DESPERATE to reclaim my garage...  so I am liquidating the remaining inventory of
Rowdy Rocker Bags.

My company took on liquidation of these bags for the Rowdy corporation as manufacture seconds.  Each bag started with minor flaws, which have been either corrected or noted to the buyer prior to purchase.  Most of the bags are in perfect condition, but are still sold at "second" prices.

Retail Price:  $109.00
Your price: $25.00.... till they are gone.  Imperfect bags will be further reduced.

Here's what I have left: 

Green Rocker:

 Copper Rocker:
 Baby changing pads - These are NOT seconds, but overstock
(Khaki not available, I have brown, pink and green.)

Retail:  $31.99
Your Price: $10.00 Extremely limited quantities...

That's it.  Give me my garage back.  .

Come on... you know you wanna....

To Purchase, email me at:

for product availability and shipping costs.


Monday, November 7, 2011

What You Don't Know Might Not Hurt You, But....



Conditional love...

So much fun, right?? 

Or how about this one...

"We're not gossiping.  We're SO concerned."

...Um, no you're not, you're using the guise of religion, women's organizations, and family as an opportunity to pass judgement and spread rumors without the guilt. 

It's called justification.

In situations where assumptions are made, hearsay occurs, or judgement is passed irreversible damage results.  Spreading rumors has been described as opening a feather pillow into the wind, but I don't think that's very accurate.  You can see the feathers as they drift away, but it's impossible to see the far reaching effects of whispers.   Plus, feathers drifting away in the wind looks pretty, publicly destroying another persons image does not.

A more accurate description of spreading rumors:  Head lice.  You've got it.

You don't see it spreading.
You have no idea of the far reaching effects.
It's impossible to "collect."
Even if you say your sorry, there is still am immense amount of work to correct the situation.
Finally, most of the time no one knows where it started, but everyone knows about it regardless.

The only part that does not apply is that the head lice is always head lice.  If head lice was really like rumors than the head lice would turn into a lovely cockroach infestations, and termites, and ring worm, and all sorts of other parasites.

I know... this ALL still sounds like such a good time....

I have decided it's not worth my time to attempt to correct judgements, rumors and assumptions about me.  I hope you are strong enough to decide the same.  It does no good to try and chase down rumors.  Actions speak louder than words, so just be who you are.  Eventually people will figure it out on their own.   I have so many more worthwhile things to do with my time than to spend it trying to correct blissful ignorance.

Because, guess what? 

When you listen to gossip and pass it along you're completely ignorant to the truth.

I've been there.  On both sides.  I'm guilty as hell of gossiping and judging others.  I wish I could say it will never ever ever ever happen again, but I know that's not reasonable.  I am much more aware, but I would be lying if I said I honestly believed I would never ever be guilty of gossiping again.  I get it that sometimes it does not feel like you're doing anything wrong...  OR... and this is my favorite:

What that person did was SO BAD that they deserve it. 
Or what they did was so public that it's not like they were trying to hide it, why should I?
OR Everyone knows about it... it's not like if I don't say anything people aren't going to hear about it anyway...

When you intentionally go about trashing someones integrity, and tearing down their name in public don't ask, "Are we okay?" 

"Yeah um, I totally feel guilty because when your life was $%!#, and you were going through a whole lot of things that no one could possibly understand, least of all me, I felt like I was justified to talk to my friends about it, and um... there was a lot about it I didn't understand so I just left those bits about your behavior and integrity open for interpretation... and, well...  this is kind of embarrassing for me but as it turns out my friends told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people, who told a few people... and each time the story got better and better..  well not better for you of course  :) ... but anyway, I'm feeling really guilty now so I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry... so that I can feel better.  So, um, are we okay now?  Forgive me?  :)" 

Yeah, no we're not okay.  I'll never trust you unconditionally again.  I feel like a fool for ever thinking I could.

Now, off to the moon with you. 

When you trash my house, you don't get invited back.  It's going to take me some time to forgive, but I will.  I'll still love, but I'll love from a distance. 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The How to's of Stamped Leather Cuff Wristbands

Stamped Leather. 

This Online Course is now available through