Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lets Get Rowdy.... Rocker Style...

I am DESPERATE to reclaim my garage...  so I am liquidating the remaining inventory of
Rowdy Rocker Bags.

My company took on liquidation of these bags for the Rowdy corporation as manufacture seconds.  Each bag started with minor flaws, which have been either corrected or noted to the buyer prior to purchase.  Most of the bags are in perfect condition, but are still sold at "second" prices.

Retail Price:  $109.00
Your price: $25.00.... till they are gone.  Imperfect bags will be further reduced.

Here's what I have left: 

Green Rocker:

 Copper Rocker:
 Baby changing pads - These are NOT seconds, but overstock
(Khaki not available, I have brown, pink and green.)

Retail:  $31.99
Your Price: $10.00 Extremely limited quantities...

That's it.  Give me my garage back.  .

Come on... you know you wanna....

To Purchase, email me at:

for product availability and shipping costs.


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