Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Funny Stuff

I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to do here on my blog. So many of my hits are scrapbook related I kind of feel like I should make my blog more professional and stop with the personal posts. At the same time, I really like the personal posts, and I don't know if I want to try and maintain two blogs. And so, for now, I'm going to keep blogging both.

Personal, and business related scrapbook posts. Hopefully, you can handle the randomness.

Speaking of randomness, I have a few stories about me and my brothers growing up that I want to post about before they are completely forgotten. Just funny random stories that happened when we were kids. Catching up with old friends on Facebook is bringing the stories all back.

First, my story. (and my senior pictures, and student ID card.)

When I was a junior or senior in high school, I can't remember which, I hit a girl in the parking lot at school. I know, I'm crazy. Let me just explain...

This is probably the norm in every high school, but there was a certain group of girls, who when walking to their car in the parking lot, would show zero respect for the other students who might be in their cars trying to leave the school... They would just walk out slowly into the street and purposely take their time crossing the road with an attitude of disdain and superiority that was meant to make you feel inferior.

Nobody likes to be treated that way.

So anyway, one day two of them walk out in front of my car and so I just kept going... That sounds worse than it is... I was just coasting at probably less than 1 mile an hour. I thought they were clear, but I misjudged the distance and "bumped" one of the girls in the leg, and it spun her around and my car rolled up on top of her foot. Which is where I promptly hit the breaks. THAT sounds worse than it really was, too. I did drive a GEO metro, I mean come on, one day as a practice joke, 4 guys picked up my car, moved it out of it's parking spot, rotated it 90 degrees and left it in the middle of the isle. The car wasn't that heavy.

I was so embarrassed that I completely blocked it from my memories for about 10 years. Then, one day, it suddenly came to me, "Did I hit a girl in the parking lot in HS??" Yup, I remember it all now. Kelly McCrory was in the car with me. I don't have any idea the name of the girl I hit, she was fine by the way (and I bet she never took her sweet time crossing the road again! You see, I'm not crazy, I just did everyone a favor).

The next story, It's about my brother, Alex. Let's see.. there are so many to tell! From the time he was working under a station wagon, which was up on a forklift, and the fork lift failed and dropped the entire car on top of him. He quickly turned his head to the side and it was still squeezing his head against the ground... he walked away with a little road rash on his shoulder...

And then there is the time he and his friends decided to watch scary movies with their dates,
on Halloween,
in the middle of a corn field.

Here's Al, with John McCain, and the BSU mascot standing in front of their "Drill here, Drill now" Homecoming float, which won first prize, I think?? I know they got some cold, hard, cash for the design anyway.

One of my favorites about Al was the dates he and Cory Fischer took to one of the girl ask guy high school dances. Emphasis on the girl ask guy part. This was one of those rare times Al and Cory did not get asked to the dance, but I guess they really wanted to go because they made larger than life "dates" that were the ugliest dummies I have ever seen. We're talking about flannel shirts buttoned all the way up sewed to denim pants, and stuffed till the buttons were ready to pop, and hand drawn faces on what might have been pillow cases.... Then they borrowed moped scooters and strapped the "girls" (and I use that term loosely) on the back, and took them to the dance. The really sad part... Al and Cory's guy friends, who had actual real, live dates, kept cutting in and dancing with the dummies....


I guess that left Al and Cory with the real live girls... Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Al's still single by the way... if anyone out there is interested. haha.. Good thing he doesn't read my blog!

Okay, then there is Justin. Most of Justin's High School stories we don't find out about till years later, that way he doesn't get in any trouble with mom and dad and we can all laugh about it when he does tell.

Like when he and a friend streaked across the field at a football game.

My favorite, though, was a time before his mission when he and a bunch of his friends were up at the lake wake boarding. Justin's friend was driving the boat and he accidentally ran over one of their other friends, who was in the water (that by the way, is way worse than hitting someone with your car). They killed the engine (not the guy), and pulled the guy into the boat. He was a little dazed.

They noticed the back of his wet suit was sliced open so they told the friend, "Hey, lets get this wet suit off you." Then they noticed the back of his shorts were sliced open, so they took a gander at his rear end, and sure enough, it was sliced open too. but I guess it wasn't that bad. They took the guy home and taped, yes taped, his sliced open rear end closed, and the guy went on a date that night.

That was just one of the stories we didn't hear about till after Justin came home from his mission.

Well, that's all I've got for now. And um, Jill and Pete, don't worry, I'll tell some good embarrassing stories about you next time...


Camber said...

I didn't know you graduated from Centennial. Scott and I did too!

Amanda said...

That girl you hit with your car. That was me. Thanks a lot.

Ali said...

what a hot thing you were, I mean are, I mean... oh dear! darn fine!

Shawna said...

So funny! I remember your car in HS and you probably could've done more damage with a bike! Too funny when we start to remember our younger days!

Tessa said...

You don't know me, but I've gotta say it:
Car accidents are never funny.
You have no idea the damage you could have caused somebody, simply because you took a slow street crossing personally. You and your victim (yes, victim) are very lucky there was no long-term damage.

That said, I rather like your scrapbooking :)

Jamie said...

I agree with Tessa, this post really freaked me out. Especially how non-chalant you are about hitting someone with a car (intentionally). You are lucky neither of you had lasting consequences from this. I don't know you, or what really happened, but if someone even attempted to nudge my teenage daughter with a car, I'd be fuming. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, must be your really cavalier attitude about it. If you're wondering why you have one less subscriber on Google reader, this is it.

Amber H. said...

Ok, I have to say, WOW. I clicked on here to say that it was so fun to read some personal stuff about you, because it's been a really long time since you posted something non-scrapbook related! I think those pictures of you are priceless! I can't believe how some people are getting so crazy about the story of you hitting the girl with the car. I personally think it's pretty funny. And HELLO, you also said that it wasn't intentional! It's not like you cruise around thinking how funny it would be to hit someone. Lighten up people! She said it was an accident! I guess that might answer your question as to what kind of a blog you want this. People that really know and care about you can appreciate this post for what it is, and not come here to judge strangers. I personally love my blog for my journal and that is the way it will stay. Good luck in whatever you decide, but all the haters can stay home in my opinion! I still love you!

Anonymous said...

Sounded pretty intentional to me. Next time you have a hard time deciding what to post on your blog, I recommend not going with old high school stories. I was just thinking about buying one of your kits too - thanks for making the decision so easy@@

mandbrid said...

WOW Cam...I don't know what to say. I too thought the story was hilarious. Probably because I KNOW you and know what kind of person you are. I hope all these negative comments don't change your mind about sharing life stories. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think. I guess you're one better than your sis-in-law though - at least you didn't post the picture of the girl you hate. Or maybe that's too slanderous for your taste.

Melanie: said...

I thought your story was very funny. Don't listen to these negative comments. It is funny. And a LONG TIME AGO. I don't know why people are being so mean. Dang!

Tessa said...

First "negative" commenter, here!

Yes, it was an accident, yes it was a long time ago -- that doesn't make it better. I agree with Jamie's comment below mine, that your cavalier attitude regarding the incident is what really concerns me.

If you're trying to run a business, maybe keep the personal stories to those which do not involve illegal--if accidental--activity.

And as your other readers have already branded me a hater, I guess I'll send one below the belt:
Until this blog post, I have very much liked every other member of the church that you claim to be a member of at the outset of your blog that I have encountered in any capacity. Every other member I have come across has displayed nothing but the most impeccable of moral codes, and when they falter--as all do--they are remorseful.

Please consider your testimony, as you may be the only member of your church that some people may ever encounter.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!
If you don't like what happened move on and leave everyone else alone.
When I was in HS, there were 3-4 groups of people that would do the same thing. Some of them would actually stop infront of other cars and chit-chat for a sec or two also. If that is what your daughter is doing, they deserve a little tap from a car. They need to be taught the dangerous nature of a vehicle, not the supposed superiority of self. Maybe your daughters need some real parents at home instead of adult friends living with them.
No one ever did it to me in my car because they knew I wouldn't stand for that kinda crap. I drove a 14'6" brown, Mercury Marquis (with white canvas hard top). They knew when they saw my car to start running across the street 'cause, even though it may not be right, I would hit them with no thought to how stupid they were for walking in front of a moving vehicle.
Re-read the story. This is a small group of teenagers thinking they are better than everyone else - we all knew that group in HS - who thought cars owned by 'people below them' were going to stop because they were better than the driver of the car. If in fact the gal who says it was her up above is telling the truth, I would love to find out if she ever did that stupid walk infront of another car.

amy ..I am not signing in case they want to stalk my blog with hate comments! said...

Your running over a person can't be any worse then my involvement in the worst prank ever pulled on the Mac family:)

Don't worry about what these anon people write...they don't know the real you! And the same people who are casting judgement are the ones who laugh their asses off in the movie Mean Girls when the girl gets hit by the bus.

Language may be rough, but you know me:)


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh. It wasn't me. I was just joking.

This was an accident. Camille is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This was an ACCIDENT.

jillybean said...

WOW!!!!! I cannot believe how anal some people in this world are!!! As if no one has ever done anything stupid as a high school student!!!! WHO do these people think they are!!! And to sit and hang around to keep putting their two cents in on this conversation after they threatened to never read again! Whatever! Whoever you are, we know you're still reading, which is why you had to post anonymously. Being honest and having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at the past is NEVER going to do anything to your business but make it succeed. Keep on doing exactly what you are doing. You're just weeding out the people you probably DON'T want to be doing business with!!! They're the ones who will get all up in a tizzy if you use too much packaging tape, because it's bad for the environment or something!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on me! Love you too much! And I for one have missed all the personal posts. This started out as a journal, it is your personal blog. Write whatever the heck you feel like writing!

Emi said...

oh man. seriously people. those of who who don't know Cam personally, lay off. and those of you who didn't go to our High School needs to know the place was crawling with the "I'm better then you" types. Seriously, haven't we all had "oops" moments (especially as teenagers). You take yourself way to seriously if you can't look back and laugh about it (especially if its no biggie like this is/was). You people are tighta@#es. (And seriously, Cam, if it's one of the girls I think it was, I would have kept driving).

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote for everybody today...

Say what you mean and say how you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. ~ Dr. Seuss

Cam, You were a kid when this happened, we all grow up and REALLY WANT TO DO THIS SOMETIMES... but we would not because of the consequences... Come on people don't be so mean! She was just a kid for goodness sakes! Don't judge someone for what they did 14 years ago!!

Love ya Cam!

Dee2 said...

Oh my goodness, I can just picture your shock at her rolling onto your window. Shock combined with the tiniest of smiles that's what I picture. :)