Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Camera, My Suitcases, and Mud Wrestling.

My Camera.

It has arrived.

I am SOOOO excited. So are my kids.. they like it cause of the fast shutter speed. They took turns running through the house while the other snapped picture after picture, after picture, after picture. After picture.

After picture..


This is me. Today, right now. Getting ready to blog.

And working on installing the camera software, and setting all the preferences etc, etc.. I look sad, but I'm just contemplating. Not sad.

Noah. Trying to push his mother out of her chair.

(I won.)

My suitcases.

Alright, being that you all know I'm completely neurotic, all I have to say is that I bought non descript black suitcases for my trip to Australia.

And then I had all sorts of nightmares about someone accidentally taking my suitcase from baggage claim... or worse, ME realizing the suitcase I took was NOT full of my new cute swimsuits and presents for my Bestie,but instead had some old man's aftershave and size 40 ::underwear:: Not that I would look, mind you, but still...

Oh the drama.

Then, an Epiphany.. angels singing, light bulbs popping on all over the place.

*Personalized Luggage*
Please excuse the missing pictures.... as they are:

Check out my bags, including my finished duffle bag, in the August issue of,

Now, there is no way anyone is accidently walking off with my luggage, and no way I'm going to have to see or smell any Old Spice... OR whatever it is old men an Austarlia wear for aftershave.

Pretty sure no one would want to walk off with my bags now...but hey, I love em, and that's really all I care about.

Maybe I should have made them matching??

Oh well. Too late now. I still have one duffle bag left to personalize.

Mud Wrestling??

Okay not really. We're moving our kid's pool. Which means landscaping and yard work.. Lots of it. I am a bit sunburned and my poor muscles are sore.

Until we get the pool up we have a lovely 16.5 ft mud wrestling ring. If anyone wants to come over and try it out...

I did have a lot of help....

Sort of.

Okay, Andy helped a TON! But seriously he was concerned about a sun burn... and I really don't want to have to explain the, um, his... sense of style.
That's all I've got.

Hope you enjoyed it.



JANET! said...

LOVE this post!!!! Your suitcases are Ah-MAZING!!!!! Your trip is going to be SOOOOO FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Cheri Piles said...

Love it! Those are just beyond AWESOME!! Have a really good time, relax and enjoy!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

These are awesome! I am so inspired! Have a great time on your trip and take lots of pictures!

mandbrid said...

You're suitcases look great!!! So do you - BTW. How soon are you leaving?

Camille said...

Leaving in 30 days and 18 hours... but who's counting...

Kristine said...

those suitcases are AMAZING!!! I love them! how original!! have fun in Australia! :)

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

I WANT those suitcases. I might walk off with them if I ever spy them at the airport baggage carousel (wink)