Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Remember this? It was Memorial Day Weekend in 2008. We spent our time transforming outdoor garden area from this:

To this:Yeah, that garden didn't turn out so well for me.. Nothing really lived except my basil and rosemary. Ugh. So frustrating... Every year I seem to learn a bit more about gardening and so maybe this year.... well anyway.

Back to the present.

This year we transformed this:

Yeah, It's the same pictures, but it pretty much looked the same anyway..

To this:

Not to bad huh?

My parents came over... clearly, because this is not exactly something we would have been capable of creating on our own.

The pool is just one of those above ground bits. The kids can still touch the bottom, but it's a step up from the kiddie pool.

I'm hoping the pool means I get to keep a little bit of my sanity this summer.

And I'm just saying.. if the back yard is back to looking like this Memorial Day weekend 2010... well, I'm just walking away from the house and never looking back.


Ali said...

huge improvement. I love what you've done! Obviously lots of hard work went into this project, you guys should be proud.
Love you tons, can't wait to see it for real xox

mandbrid said...

Looking at that pool makes me wanna shave my legs....I'll be right over!

Amanda said...

Wow! Looks awesome. I am so impressed by how quickly you got the patio in. Those pools are a lot of fun. Just be really diligent about putting chlorine in and checking the chemical levels in daily.

Kristi M. said...

You finally got your patio in. It looks great! I love it! said...

It was so nice to have Sunday dinner out there this last weekend. Other than the kids, it was so peaceful and nice - the kids weren't horrible, but they do like to fight and be told well more than once to eat their dinner.