Monday, June 1, 2009

Are you still trying to get ROWDY with me??

Yeah, so the Idaho's Largest Garage Sale thing a couple weeks ago?? yeah, HUGE success.

So much so that I kind of had to put the kill on the "after sale" sales.. cause seriously... my children were beginning to look homeless and my house looked like we'd been through some kind of natural disaster...

Now, I am finally ready to give it another go.

Rowdy Bags! From $5 - $30!! (retail $89.00-$120.00)

Price is determined by the extent of damage. For example, a $30.00 bag might have a very small flaw that is not noticeable, or may be marked "could not find flaw". A $5.00 bag will have major damage such as a defective main zipper.

Quantities have seriously been depleted. (Partly by a couple friends of mine who each bought more than 15 bags... yes, I said EACH. You know who you are.) There are still probably about 100 bags left in the seconds inventory. I'll give you a bit of a rundown.

Most of the bags have been sold out on Rowdy Products website, and are no longer available except through private baby boutiques.

This bag style is called the Bowler. This bag has been very popular. Honestly, I think collectively between all the different styles I have less than thirty Bowler bags left.

The boardwalk:

The Red Croc Bowler:
Then we have the Convertible Rocker style: (Convertible because you can carry it like a bag, or wear it like a backpack.)

The Rocker also comes in Copper, which is pictures on the model, but not in the pictures below.

Next, The Scoop News Bag. I LOVE this bag. It was designed after the 1930's mail carrier bag, and is huge. It seriously carries everything.

I will also have some Rowdy Changing Pads. This is the best changing pad on the market. It hold wipes, diapers and even a change of clothes. Perfect for young toddlers.

The changing pad comes in khaki, brown, green, and pink.
You can check them out here.

No, I will not be charging $31.99... the changing pads will start at $10.00.

Did you know that Rowdy Products is based right here in Idaho?

Did you know the Rowdy Diaper bags have a waterproof (or milk, formula, spit up, or any other unmentionable liquid that your little bundle of joy might choose to share with the world), removable, machine washable liner, and a detachable clutch purse??

Did you know Rowdy Diaper Bags make fantastic travel bags, purses, camera bags, gifts...etc? Only about 6% of the bags I have sold are actually going to be used as a diaper bag. In fact, with the removable liner, one women even purchased a Rowdy bag to carry her little toy poodle.

Wouldn't you love to have a diaper bag, that doesn't look like a diaper bag?

So where and when??

The bags will be available for purchase On Saturday June 6th, from 7:00am till 3:00pm. Corner of Mardia and Apsley, in the Rock Hampton II subdivision which is located near Cloverdale and Lake Hazel in Boise.


If you live outside the Boise area and would like to purchase a bag please email me at Please include which items you would like, and your zip code so I can figure your shipping.

I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Sales are getting busy, so I might get a bit behind. Thanks!


Kristi M. said...

I still need to get you paid! I will probably just send it paypal. I just love the sophisticate! My sister in law will love it even more. so her style. Thank you so much!!

Heather said...

Hi! I found your blog through your in-laws mission blog. I definitely want to get a bag or two, but I'm in Texas. Would you ship to me?

If you have them, I'd like a Red Croc Bowler, Convertible Rocker Style bag in brown, green, or black, a scoop news bag, and two of the changing pads. Yeah... I'm a new mom. I need a cute diaper bag!!!


Southam's said...

Hi! I love these bags! I want the Convertible Rocker bag (black or bronze). My only problem is I live in Tooele, Utah. Is there any way to buy one directly from you? Please email me at


The Johnsons said...

I just found your blog and I fell in love with the Red Croc Bowler. I live in Ohio, so is there any chance that I can pay you with paypal and you ship it to me?

Could you please email me at jeaneDOTjohnsonAThotmailDOTcom

Thank you,

The Morris' said...

Do you have any of the Rocker left in black? i think these bags are adorable! I live in Mt Home, but I could pick it up. Please let me know.

Jimmi&Kaley said...

Who are those crazy people who bought 15 each. oh wait. that was me and anna! I am probably going to see you again. my mother in law took 4 of mine for her own bags and one to carry her dog in!! You rock Camille!

Kristie Wright said...

K- so do you have anymore of the Rowdy Bags? lol... Probably waited to long! :o)