Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Craft and Hobby Association, and Me

CHA = Craft and Hobby Association.

The CHA Winter Trade show is happening... right now. Right now. Sunday Jan 24 - Wednesday Jan 27 th.

And I have projects there. :)

Yay! I know I sound like such a dagg, especially to those friends of mine who have been involved with CHA for years and years and probably know it's really no big deal, but I am DANG excited!

So, a little warning. My photo's came out pretty bad on a few of these. I took them late at night with no good lighting, and should have done a better job to at least make sure they were in focus.

Okay, so remember this lady?

Well, next I did this..

Then this..

Then this..

Then I put this part on that part... and added a little lace.

And a little ribbon..

And a handmade rosette...

And, wa-la! She's ready for the shop window.

REALLY thinking it would be cool to make a life size replica paper dress that you couldn't sit or move or bend or twist or go in the rain.. but hey, it would be cool.

I do have a life sized dress form...

Have I mentioned my projects are on Display in the GCD Studios, Melody Ross Designer Collections booth?

This is Melody's new line called Homespun Chic.. and it's fantastic. I love this line. It's so girlie and chic, and homemade, and screams the 1950's newly liberated women hood.

Check out the whole collection at GCD Studios by clicking here. It's FAB, you'll love it.

Here are some more of my Homespun Chic projects:

This was a super easy, super fast, project I made with the Homespun Chic Layered Frames, and a bit of chip board and Melody Ross's Chip Art stamp tools... the chickadee alphabet, and the hearts. Check them out here..

This was another really fast, easy project.

Old frame, a little Mod Podge. (Gotta love Mod Podge) and an old Buttericks pattern.

The string across the back, is the same old string that's probably been on the frame for 20-30 years.. used to mount the frame to the wall.

I am a big fan of vintage found items, keeping them close to their original state and just enhancing.

On the string I hung the Homespun Chic Inspirational Cards using the Homespun Chic Metal Rimmed Glass Brads.

Check out all the amazing Homespun Chic Embellishments here.

More Homespun Chic.

I love it. You know how it is when you're working with a paper line that just speaks to you, and the minute you see it you know exactly what you want to make and everything comes together?

This is what Homespun Chic did for me.

I stinking love it, and no, I'm not getting paid, or getting kickbacks, or even getting free products for blogging about it. I just love it.

I'm so sad the picture quality didn't come out better on this next one.

I folded a thin strip of paper and then bunched it like a ruffle and glued it in place behind the chipboard. Beautiful gingham ruffle.

The next line I designed with is also by Melody Ross Designer Collections, and is available at GCD Studios. It's called Artsy Urban, and it is just that.

Sorry, the picture quality is SOOOO BAD! :(

I wanted to make a perpetual calendar. I started with a plain premade wood base available at any craft store, and glued some Artsy Urban Blue Floral flocked paper to the front. Here's the link: check it.

I wanted the flocking in brown, so I mixed a bit of brown paint with art medium and painted over the top of the paper.

Then using the Chi Art stamps, I stamped right into the paper and wood, added a little paint and wiped it off.

Then added some upholstery brads.

Next, I used the Chip Art, Book Kit pages (here) to make my calendar pages. I used both sides on each page, since they come 6 to a package you only need one set to complete the whole year.

Alright, I didn't have time to finish the whole year yet.. and I, um, somehow forgot about April.

I'm an artist, what can I say.

Love May though!

I also made a little memo board page, so if I get tired of knowing what day it is I, then I still have a functional item. :)

More shaped Chip Art. This stuff is so easy to work with. Start with a practice sheet to get the hang of it, and then go to town.

I like to finish my Chip Art by painting one color over the stamped chipboard, then mixing a second color with art medium and painting on, then wiping of, and painting on and wiping off, and .. over and over till I am happy with the effect, then mixing medium with a bit of brown paint and adding a layer or two of that as well. This was green, then yellow, then brown.

Next, I had made this HUGE Artsy Urban Flower. It was BIG.. It measured about 24 inches in diameter, and about 6 inches deep. I took a picture with my phone and sent it to Melody and she confirmed what I was already thinking... How is she ever going to get it to CHA?

hmmmm... So I cut it down. Way down, to about 10-12 inches. Still not sure it made it to CHA.

I still have pictures of the full size version on my phone, but the pics are a pain to download so I'll have to post it later.

This is absolutely one of my favorite chipboard finishes of all the pieces I made. I love how it looks like it could be.. might just be... is it?? Stamped leather? But it's not. It's chipboard.

Plain, old, pressed cardboard. Amazing huh? For this finish I also mixed various paint colors with art medium and used a fine paintbrush to enhance the Chip Art.

This last project, my fabulous friend Shawna made.

Shawna does not scrapbook, but she is however a fantastic artist.

So I asked her to come over, and hang out, and do a project.

I love this.
Artsy Urban, and Chip Art. See it here.

Shawna and I got to know each other in High School Art class. Love her. She's so spicy.

That's it for now. Hope you liked my CHA gallery.

See ya next time.




JANET! said...


mandbrid said...

Your projects look amazing! I love the huge flower and the dress form. How fun!

Now that I'm quilting more than scrapbooking I'm thinking how fun it would be if Melody transfered some of her designs to fabric....

Kristi M. said...

You have always been one talented lady. I love your projects. The flower is so awesome. I would be just as excited if my stuff was displayed at such a huge event. I really like that chip art stuff. It really is neat how different it can look with different applications.

Random, but what do you use on your hair? Or what do you do to your hair? I really like it.

winnie said...

Amazing. Loved the dress. Modge Podge rules.

Camille said...

Kristie.. My secret to great curls.. Handful of curl cream, handful of anti frizz cream and a handful of lubriderm lotion. yup. You read that right. Probably doesn't work for everyone, but for my thick frizzy mane it's perfect.

Shawna said...

love it! you shoulda seen my face when i scrolled down and saw mine on there. wow. yikes! glad you like it! (thanks for doctoring up the chipboard for me. you made it look wonderful!!)

Makeup Theory said...

You have a lot of patience. I get frustrated sewing on a button.

Rachel said...

Such cool projects!! Nice job!! Looking forward to meeting you at Brave Girl next week!! woohoo!!

Niwi said...

I love the dress +.+ it's amazing!

Jeannette said...

Are you having fun or what? The dress was great...It was all quite lovely.

Sandy Ang said...

What an incredible paper dress on the manequin !! It's astonishing.