Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sometimes the cup must be empty... or it can never be full.

I feel like I have these things going on and I want to share them with you... I want to make sure you can understand why they are important to me... but I can't.

I am too drained of what it takes to be completely open and vulnerable.

I haven't forgotten about my dear blog. Hopefully I will be back soon.

Till then....




Lisa said...

Miss you Camille.

Jen Hargraves said...

I am sorry you are drained. Fill up...take your time...regroup! and I can't wait to see you at BGC.

Rachel said...

Camille - I hope you recoup and recharge and come back stronger!! Love you!

Kristie said...

*hugs* I understand... and love you very much! <3 When you are ready to write again... I will still be here! <3