Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My DIY Version of the Baby Crib Mobile.

My latest project. Hope you love it.

Supply list:

Teresa Collins FREESTYLE Papers

1 12x12 Green Cardstock

Sheer 1 inch ribbon in pink and orange, approximately 4-5 yards total

24 - 3/8 inch multi facated clear beads

24 Oval or cylindar shaped green glass beads

Approimately 32 inched metal strap.

20 gage wire.

Baking paper

4 Inches sheer green ribbon

2 3/4 - 12x12 peices of Memory Makers Baroque Thick Molding Strips.

Check it out on Two Peas HERE... and remember, I love comments. :) Expecially when they are nice comments!

For the How to's, Jump on over to Teresa Collins Blog!
Hope you love it.
xoxo Cam
PS. More about my FAB trip to Australia later.


JANET! said...

DANG!!! Your entire soul is SO beautiful and SO creative!!!! Thanks for sharing it with the world. :)

Joann Brown said...

I want one for over my bed. So beautiful, Cam! Love this!!

mandbrid said...

I like Joann's idea....this would be pretty over an adult bed too! It really is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful! love those colors together, can't wait to get some of that paper!

RebekahSue said...

I am making one, using pink and gray. I couldn't find the molding strips anywhere so I am using really thick card stock. I am so excited and will definitely post pictures of the finished product! By the way, you are amazing!!

Carl said...

You made a beautiful baby crib mobile! You really have very creative hands. I bet that any girl and their moms would love this.

Carl Patten