Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jennica's Baptism and the Dress

The Dress first.

I LOVE to sew.  Sometimes I forget that I love to sew because I never have time for it.  When my daughter was born we gave her a special blessing and I made her a beautiful baby gown, the really super long old vintage style.  And so when she decided to be baptized I really wanted to make her a dress.

In my limited time, I found this pattern.  It was close to what I wanted, except I wanted to add a wide waist band, and trim, but the basic style was right.

A few minor alterations, and of course lots of extra embellishment and ...

we have a winner.


Love the way it all came together and turned out. 

Because I was using white cotton fabric I cut two of every pattern piece and stitched them together to made the fabric twice as thick... and less transparent.

I added lightly gathered layers of fabric cut on the bias with unfinished edges to the sleeves and skirt.

For the waistband, I trimmed about 2.5 inches off the top of each piece of the skirt pattern.  Then I cut a section of fabric approximately 30 inches x 3.25 inches.  I folded and pressed the fabric in 1 inch sections, then stitched along the fold at the 1/16 mark to add the vertical lines.  I know there is term for that...  I just can't recall what it is...

To the bodice I added whimsical handmade flowers and  simple buttons.  I used diamond glaze to add the word "beautiful" from a vintage dictionary to one of the buttons.  

I really wanted to achieve a vintage, handmade appearance.  Some green ribbon stems finished out the design, and were stitched into the waist.

Seriously...  I know.  We are going to have REAL boy problems.  I don't know how I ended up with such a beautiful, amazing daughter. I love her so much. 

This picture from Jennica's baptism is awesome.  Did you check out Jesus grabbing my husband by the ear?


The baptism was wonderful.  My 5 yr old said the closing praying, in a room of about 40 people, and asked God to bless grandma and grandpa not to get 'attacked' when they went home. 

It was a beautiful day.

Then this morning Jennica was singing a church song.  The lyrics say:

"I know who I am,
I know Gods Plan,
I'll follow him in Faith."

Only Jennica was singing it:

"I know who I am,
I know Gods Plan,
I'll follow him in vain..."

We might have to work on that one...  especially since she does not believe me that she's singing it wrong.

xoxo Cam


Chelsea said...

You amaze me! I love how it turned out, it's fun to see pictures of her in the dress, obviously lovign every second of it. What lucky kids to have you for a mama!

The Marshall Family said...

Beautiful work Camille! (oh and killer legs!)

Kristi M. said...

What a beautifully awesome dress! You do not dissappoint and her hair is so long! I love her prayer and her song lyrics. Pretty funny.

Cheri Piles said...

Oh my goodness, gorgeous!! Love that you made it unique with the flowers, Just perfect!

chrissy said...

popping over from brave girls camp.
this is the sweetest post ever.
i LOVE that jesus was grabbing your hubby.s ear.
i love that song jennica children sing that song at church each week too!
baptism day is SO amazing and wonderful.
the dress you made is PERFECTO!
what a beautiful family you have created.
you are a great artist my dear.
loves to you

DeeDee said...

Love the dress, and I cracked up at her version of the lyrics.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous family you have Camille.

Kelly Lish said...

What a beautiful dress! What a beautiful family!