Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cam - The Rambling Wo-Man..


I'm a bit behind the blogging schedule (in my mind I seriously just thought, "there's a schedule??"...)  Yes, I know... 



Sometimes I have to remember my priorities; and they are things like helping my children with their homework, and gymnastics class, and basketball practice, and counseling appointments...  I could go on and on, but I know I don't need too.


And so, thank you.

For being patient with me.

Because even though I feel like there are so many things I want to write about and ideas for projects...  sometimes life gets in the ways, and if I forget about what's really important...  well then I won't be me anymore, and what fun would that be?

So here's some of what's going on.

Rendi.  Growing like a weed... but the good kind of weeds. And not that kind of weed.  :)  We're going to be having a BIG party/bash/throw down/event very soon...  It's going to be amazing..  Melody and Kathy and I will be there along with some really amazing friends of ours.  We're planning away and so very excited. 

I Realized what a great business gift item Rendi products make and picked up a good order.  Now is the time...  If your business sends out holiday gifts, and you're looking for something amazing and affordable lemme know.. :) I will totally hook you up.  :)

Teresa Collins Designs.  Love her, love her work... but not designing for her team anymore.  Teresa has some pretty---.....  she's doing great---........  Okay so she's working on something.....  Okay.  I really can't say anything, because I really don't know anything, except that Teresa needed to make some changes... more notably, requirement changes, and it just wasn't a good fit for either of us anymore. We have parted as friends and I hope we always will be.

On another note, After some encouragement, I'm strongly considering making some paper necklaces for the holidays and posting them on Etsy.  Mostly because I'm delusional and I really think I can fit another item on my already toppling plate.  Mostly I'm excited becuase someone I really admire, with a reputation for very good taste contacted me asking if I would sell her one.  :)

In December I'm going to the Charity Wings - Seaside Soiree in San Diego.  I'm so excited.  Some of my favorite Brave Girls will be there as well as some amazing talented people I'm really looking forward to meeting. 

I really want to tell you all about Brave Girls Camp 10-10, but that post is going to need some real time.  I want to make sure I do it right, and so I want to make sure I have time.  Soon.  I promise.  xoxo  (It was sooooooooooooo amazing.)

Working is fabulous (refering my full time job).  A good friend of mine started working with me and she's an excellent match for the company and what we do.  Full steam ahead...

As I'm writting, it kind of sounds like life is perfect.  It's not.  It's so totally not perfect, but I make a conscience decision to focus my attention on what it going right, and not on what isn't.


Focus is everything.  Where you are focused is where you will consciously and subconsciously focus all of your energy and your attitude will develop around it.  Isn't it ironic if a couple things don't go how we expected in the morning... and we maybe start thinking, "Oh man, I need to tell someone about the horrible morning I've had, I hope it doesn't turn into a horrible day!" well then... wouldn't you know it, the rest of the day just all goes downhill?  Or does it? 

Have we focused so much of our attention on looking for "What ELSE can possibly go wrong to ME today??" that things that really are not that big of a deal, or we might not have even thought twice about suddenly go on "the list".  Don't tell me you don't have one? The list of all the bad things that have happened today, or this week, or this year...  so we can tick them off to anyone who might listen.  I'm guilty.  SOOOO guilty. 

One day I perceiving my morning to be particularly bad, and I decided to try something.  I started telling myself, "This is going to be a fabulous day!" and I started to look for the positive things... just little things, like, when driving, "oh that person just let me in because it's my lucky day!"  AND seriously.  No cheating. 

Here's what cheating looks like, just so we're clear:

"okay, I'm going to try this positive thinking thing..." (even though I'm having the crappiest day ever becuase of 1. this, 2. this, and 3.THIS (that was a big one), and ...and..and... but whatev' I'm thinking happy thoughts.)

(Okay here we go...) "yay me.  woohoo..  it's going to be a greeeeeat day...  i bet the driver of this car next to me is going to let me in because i'm having such a great day" (I bet they really DON'T let me in because this is just a CRAPPY day in my Crappy life....)

(OKAY see!  They freaking didn't let me in because they're just a JERK, and this is a CRAPPY DAY and I AM so irritated and ANGRY and Frustrated and I NEVER sHOULD Have Gotten OUT OF BEd at all because they world hates ME AND NO ONE LOVES ME AND i REALLY SHOULD HAVE JUST HAD WORMS FOR BREAKFAST AND.... ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!)

::breathing:: steering wheel gripped tight::eyes buldging out of head::


::Breathe some some::

(Must try a bit harder.) "I am a nice kind sweet person because that GUY was clearly in a hurry (BIG FAT JERK) and I was being very kind to let him go on ahead. (YEAH RIGHT! I should have freaking cut him off... Wheres the FIRE BUDDY!  I settle for tailing him...)  I am nice and kind and wonderful and it's going to be a great day."  BIG FAT STUPID LIE.  My Life sucks!!  (This is the stupidest thing ever.)

Ah-hem.  Not so productive.  Don't give it the half try.  Give it the whole try.  NOBODY deserves to walk around from morning to night tallying all the "Alexander and Horrible, Rotten, No Good, Very Bad Day" events.  Don't do that to yourself. 

And besides
It's way more fun to tally the good stuff. 

xoxo  Love ya.



Alison said...

YAY finally I can comment on your blog again. Half the readers probably think I am the crappiest bestie in the whole world cos they don't see me read this. I LOVE YOU more than you know, and I think you're amazing even thinking of adding one more thing to your plate xox

BonnieRose said...

knows what u mean. Focusing on the positive always makes such a difference. xoxoxoox love you

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

you are the good stuff!