Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Balancing Act

Sometime I begin to feel like the lady at the circus spinning plates.  It's mesmerizing and beautiful, but she never looks away.  Always spinning. Balancing.  Keeping all of the plates moving in unison. 

If I get distracted or forget about a plate it begins to slow, and teeter.
Teeter for my attention.
teeter... wobble.

At one time... long long ago...
The plates all started neatly stacked.  Perfect.  Stable and unmoving. 

No one stops to watch a neatly stacked pile of plates.

And so I spin and spin and spin the plates... And sometimes without even noticing, I discover someone has added even more plates...  and I didn't even realize I had started to spin them.

I want to just stop and rest and forget about the plates for a while, but I'm afraid.

Afraid of what will happen when the plates fall.  Will I be relieved, or will I regret so much allowing them to fall?  Maybe life is so much better when I am preoccupied with my plates?

It's just so hard sometimes knowing I don't get a break until the plates fall.

Teeter .... Wobble


And sometimes I feel like this girl: 

And sometimes I know I am this one:

Gotta go.

The plates are slowing and beginning to teeter. 


xoxo Cam


:Jayne said...

You make me laugh! I so know that feeling, way far back in life. Probably when I was your age.
Keep spinnin'!

Mikal said...

It's craziness, but we do it and survive... I hate when I add to those teetering plates though.

Hang in there beautiful girl, I know you'll get through it!

mandbrid said...

Oh that last picture was a hoot! I love it!

Café Café said...

That last photo is great. Made me laugh. If I were you, I'd ditch the plate act and trade acts with the guy who gets shot out of a cannon. But, that's just because I hate doing dishes, hahaha!...(Okay, maybe that's carrying the metaphor too far...but it's so fun.)

Alison said...

Okay so I had the first comment to your blog, and it managed to miraculously vanish into the never never... So, it was better the first time, but it basically said something like, you do an amazing job of balancing your plates, and I'll be here for you always helping you to stay balanced. If however, you find that all your plates fall on the floor and smash, I will be there to help you sweep them up, and I'll definately be there to help you pick out some new fancy plates. On a side note, if you end up looking like the chic in the last pic, well... even then I'll still be your best friend. I love you xox

AuBien said...

Ever consider paper plates for the things that don't matter that much?