Thursday, August 18, 2011

August: Downtown: in the 208

Earlier this week my very good friend and co-worker: Shawna: and I had a meeting downtown.  After our meeting.. and after hour hour appitizers...  we were really determined to get some professional pictures for our company website.  (Does anyone see a problem with this rationale?)


{These are the nonprofessional ones.}

Oh... there are so many, many things I could say about this one. 
The irony... 
Where is the question mark... 
Is her hair red, or on fire?
Are you asking or telling?

(seriously-- love me some Shawna.) 

And um... don't ask.  All I could thing was how much I wanted a little disproportionate Native American in a Native American Village wearing a dress shirt and tie...  who has no feet.  Is it me, or is this picture a bit confusing? 

Are we saying white man's persistence has finally paid off in eliminating the culture and heritage of the ___________ (insert your own offensive slang term here).


Somebody was getting creative.

And Shawna is a hottie.

Shawna isn't really a little chinese red headed girl, She's just trying to smile REAL BIG for the camera.  I asked her to simmer down...

And this is my beautiful city: 
Les Bois!  Les Bois!
Boise!  Boise! 

Okay, I just gave myself a bit of a history lesson, Wiki style.

In 4th grade Idaho History I was taught Boise got it's name from a French guide on the Oregon Train, who when coming upon the Boise Valley, out of rather dry desert conditions, called out, "Les bois, les bois! "  Meaning "The trees, the trees!"

BUT in reality les bois does not translate into "the trees".. it actually translates into "The woods."

Further adding to the confusion is that Boise is called "The City of Trees"  when apparently it should be "The City of Woods."

To anyone who has visited Boise, neither really makes a lot of sense, as Boise doesn't have an excessive amount of trees... or woods... but if you think like a settler and consider walking to Boise... might make a little more sense.

Oh and please.... It's pronounced Boy-cee, NOT BoyZee.

Yours Truely.

I liked this suit till I saw it in pictures...  the color doesn't really do much for me.

And with that I leave you with Jimmy Hendricks.  Made out of hundreds of broken shards of glass.  Apparently, he use to live in a room full of mirrors...  I'm glad he got out...

...and found his way to Boise.


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:Jayne said...

whatever the history, however ya say it, I think it's a pretty neat city. Can't wait to go back in OCT!!!