Monday, September 28, 2009

If I had $2.2 million...

This afternoon I went with my dad to a job he's just finishing up on. My dad owns Bitsmart Computer Center. they specialize in home electronics... stuff like whole home networking and automation.. Sound, lighting, theaters... this stuff is hard to complrehend until you actually see it.

Anyway. Here is the house.. The home owners spend $20,000 on the boulders in the landscaping... not on the landscaping.. just to have big rocks place all around the house..

The home owners have moved in, so to protect their privacy I did not take any other pictures of the exterior or interior of the house, with the exception of the theater room. This house is amazing.

My sister Jill was the interior designer for the theater room. She did an amazing job. My pictures really do not do justice... And there is a lot you can't see, or that has not been installed yet.. for example there is a automatic curtain that will open and close over the screen that cost about $5000...

The lights are about 3 feet long.

Theater seating for nine..

The good looking Alex..

Pretty cool huh?

Wish my theater room looked like that...

Maybe some day... when I've got $2.2 million to spend on a house.

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Jesse Edwards said...

some people have too much money