Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brave Art.

Brave Girls Camp can be summed up in one simple statement:

Life and Art retreats.

And ohh... The art projects Melody designs for us are the kind that really reach in and touch your soul.

This is pre-camp, when we were in the process of setting up the art room.

The color and decor is so yummy. You should know at brave girls camp, even though the locations are rented, Melody and Kathy go all out to make it very "Brave girls", which in short just means AMAZING.

First thing we do on arrival to a location is pack up all of the home decor in the rental.. then start unpacking all of our own.. down to the dishes and silverware and window treatments and artwork...... it is a huge, HUGE undertaking.

But it is so worth every minute, and every effort. The cabins become a haven of safety and comfort and it's so easy to be creative in that kind of environment.

The projects are designed to be insightful and introspective. Something you can look back on later when you're seeking some inner peace and direction.

And oh... the supplies. Everything you could imagine and hope for. Huge containers of found items of all shape and style. Paints and glitter, MOD PODGE. Lots of Mod. We love MOD. Mod is our friend and constant companion.

Everyone gets so into the zone and creates the most beautiful and meaningful projects.

And we teach each other all of our secret techniques and skills. Or SKILZ.

And we really bond. I love this picture, not only because these girls mean so much to me, but because it looks like I have super long noodle arms and I'm strangling everyone together for a picture.

Fabulous beautiful brave girls create fabulous beautiful art.

And bond into fabulous loving friendships...

Over a glass of muddy, modgy, paint water.

And then we go home and we keep creating, and creating and creating...

Long live the bravery.

xoxo Cam


Jennifer said...

Beautiful post! It was such an amazing week. I wish every woman could go.

Sheryl Eggleston said...

That was amazing Camille. The photos were perfect. And the art room was so clean before 27 women hit the Mod Podge!

Lisa said...

Oh Camille - how awesome! Those pictures bring me right back there. I will cherish that time and am so thankful to have been there at that time. Miss you!

Dee Dee said...

I totally cracked up at the super noodle arms. :)