Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little bit of Bravery

With starting out on Teresa Collins Design Team, my full time job... and everything else under the sun, I can't see any where in the future that I will have time for a big long beautiful flourishing heart felt blog post about my experience at Brave Girls Camp Feb 2010. So instead I'm going to try to accomplish sharing the experience with small short heartfelt posts.

Being part of the staff at Brave Girls Club has to be one of the sweetest gigs ever.

I mean seriously..
I'm trying to think of jobs I would rather have and lets see..

Well, there is Massage test person, bathtub test person, positive affirmations test person, oh and of course secret shopper and hotel room service and spa service special secret test person, and um maybe designer clothing and trendy shoes test person....

Yeah, that wouldn't be too bad... but since I live on Earth...

What's great about Brave Girls Staff is in order to make the experience as full and fulfilling as possible for the guests, the staff really participates as guests, which we love. It's like we've opened up our home and hearts to all these fantastic visitors and our job is to make them feel welcome and safe and loved. We do that by serving them, and laughing and playing together. It feels like we are welcoming them into our big, brave, family.

Hope you enjoy.

First. Brave Girls is about slowing down, keeping things right in your life. It's about examining your soul with a new perspective.

It's also about learning to set boundaries so you can restore and protect your soul. Your soul is private. And it is OKAY to put up no trespassing signs and PROTECT it. No one has the right to decide they belong in your inner circle except you.

Even though these next pictures are out of focus, they are some of my very favorite. This is part of what happens at Brave Girls Camp.


Lots and lots of fall-out-of-your-chair laughing.

I have to point out the reflection in the glass behind Kathy, did you see everyone laughing?

Kathy was telling us a fabulous story about herself and what happens when a young girl gets her license... sees a cute boy, and sort of forgets she is the one driving.

Love, love, love these girls.

That's it for now.

xoxoxo. See ya again soon.



Rachel said...

those pics capture the mood so well!! Awww miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Beautiful Camille,
You all worked so hard and took such wonderful care of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Also remember to take care of yourself - slow down enough to enjoy the journey and remember that this Brave Girl is here if you need me ;)

Kallie said...

I love it! LOVE the pictures especially! I miss you already - can't wait til next time!