Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scarlet Lime xoxo

Check out what I made for Scarlet Lime as the guest designer for July:

I am absolutely in love with this necklace. Favorite project of all time. Go check out the inspiration page at Scarlet Lime to see the details. While you're there be sure to check out the kits.

They are amazing.

Christy has such an eye for color and pattern. If you want one, be sure to get on the waiting list as they sell out every month.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out for Publication....

Please excuse my lack of posts and missing pictures. I have been busy, busy, busy... My baggage is being published in's August issue....

You can also watch for me, and my work as the guest blogger for Scarlet Lime in July.

Also, the Teresa Collins Design Team Blog is closing and our work will now appear on Teresa Collin's Blog. I'm expecting a new package full of all sorts of amazing new unreleased products very soon, and I can't wait to get stated.

Oh, did I mention I'm leaving the country in 13 days? YIKES!! ... And I'll be miss my first Brave Girls Camp? :( boo!

xoxo... thanks for still loving me.. even when I'm a bad blogger.


Friday, June 11, 2010

She Did it Anyway! YES. maybe.. no..well...I'm not sure.

Brave Girls Camp.

I did manage to get one art project done, and I am finally ready to share it.

But first, let me explain what :She did it anyway: means.

:She did it anyway: means each of us has the ability and inner strength to look at all the things in our lives that are stopping us from really living. Preconceived ideas, physical limitations, age, beauty, size,... whatever it is that might be holding you back.

For example,

They told her she wasn't qualified, but she went back to work anyway.

They told her she wasn't worth much, but she valued herself anyway.

They treated her like she had no business being at Church... she was not worthy and didn't belong anymore, but she kept going anyway.

They told lies about her, lies mixed with the truth, and a lot of people believed everything, but she looked them in the eye and respected herself anyway.

They judged her, they criticized her, they insulted her... but she followed her heart anyway.

I can tell you first hand, that it's much harder to come back than it would be to stay away.

And it's the people who make it that way.

A big part of learning to be brave is learning to embrace the :she did it anyway:. I am learning, but when it comes to change I work v e r y s l o o o o o o o o o w....

At Brave Girls Camp May 2010, I began to embrace my life. Especially the changes.

There have been a lot of changes... the majority of which are still too deeply personal to share or discuss. I am trying to be very true to myself, and not to accept people into my life who will not allow me to be true. Who see me a certain way and want me to always stay that way, even if it kills me.

But I am too tired to stay that way.

Anaïs Nin:
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
This is where I am. I cannot remain a bud forever. It is time. Some people won't like it. I've already lost a lot of friends. But I like myself so much better. I am a better wife and mother for it. I still have a lot to figure out, and it will likely take the rest of my life. But I am a turning into a full bloom...
And it is beautiful.

In my Art, I can see myself as a little child.

Young, lonely and naive.

And at peace with myself.

There is no turmoil.

Back to a time when the biggest decisions I had to make were who I was going to play with, and what kind of sandwich I wanted for lunch with my canned peaches.

In my picture, I appears I have just abandoned my heart. Discarded it.

But I really haven't.

I've just found it.

I discarded it long, long ago. It caused too much pain. It's a bad, bad thing to have inside controlling my emotions and allowing me to hurt over and over again. And so I got rid of it... long long ago.

Now, I am really, really, trying to decide if I should pick it up and take it with me. I don't know. Some days I reach down and ::almost:: touch it. Some days I want to walk away from it and cover it up so I will never have to see it again. I can't decide and I'm spending a lot of time... here... just weighing the options.

This is a way bigger decision that what color socks to wear. It's too big a decision for a little innocent child to make. Especially when the adult in me wants to scream at her to run away, that it's too dangerous!

Dear Camille: They are coming...the winds of change..they move is become me.

The sun is shining.

She might pick it up.
Heaven help me....
So thankful to be a Brave Girl.

(Me, Kathy, Melody and Elena)

xoxo Cam

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Camera, My Suitcases, and Mud Wrestling.

My Camera.

It has arrived.

I am SOOOO excited. So are my kids.. they like it cause of the fast shutter speed. They took turns running through the house while the other snapped picture after picture, after picture, after picture. After picture.

After picture..


This is me. Today, right now. Getting ready to blog.

And working on installing the camera software, and setting all the preferences etc, etc.. I look sad, but I'm just contemplating. Not sad.

Noah. Trying to push his mother out of her chair.

(I won.)

My suitcases.

Alright, being that you all know I'm completely neurotic, all I have to say is that I bought non descript black suitcases for my trip to Australia.

And then I had all sorts of nightmares about someone accidentally taking my suitcase from baggage claim... or worse, ME realizing the suitcase I took was NOT full of my new cute swimsuits and presents for my Bestie,but instead had some old man's aftershave and size 40 ::underwear:: Not that I would look, mind you, but still...

Oh the drama.

Then, an Epiphany.. angels singing, light bulbs popping on all over the place.

*Personalized Luggage*
Please excuse the missing pictures.... as they are:

Check out my bags, including my finished duffle bag, in the August issue of,

Now, there is no way anyone is accidently walking off with my luggage, and no way I'm going to have to see or smell any Old Spice... OR whatever it is old men an Austarlia wear for aftershave.

Pretty sure no one would want to walk off with my bags now...but hey, I love em, and that's really all I care about.

Maybe I should have made them matching??

Oh well. Too late now. I still have one duffle bag left to personalize.

Mud Wrestling??

Okay not really. We're moving our kid's pool. Which means landscaping and yard work.. Lots of it. I am a bit sunburned and my poor muscles are sore.

Until we get the pool up we have a lovely 16.5 ft mud wrestling ring. If anyone wants to come over and try it out...

I did have a lot of help....

Sort of.

Okay, Andy helped a TON! But seriously he was concerned about a sun burn... and I really don't want to have to explain the, um, his... sense of style.
That's all I've got.

Hope you enjoyed it.