Friday, January 7, 2011

Catch up:: Not to be confused with Ketchup.

Holy wow.  This year has really been jam packed. 

Working full time:Managing my fulfillment company:Brave Girls staffing:Rendi:Weekly counseling sessions (And I'm still a mess!):Designing for Teresa Collins:Designing for CHA:Designing for blogs and publications:AUSTRALIA!!!:Seam stressing:Dance:Gymnastics:Basketball:Scouts:Achievement days:Church:Licensing as a Independent Claims Adjuster:Seaside Soiree:Running:etc. etc. etc.

So here is some recap:  2010... in no particular order.

My first solo on site claims investigation:

December 1, 2010

San Diego, Seaside Soiree- December 2010

Rail Services, Inc. Christmas party

Christmas Day 2010

In Idaho City to cut our Christmas tree

::Taking to many pictures so it was completely dark when we were trying to find a tree::

My dad and brothers.  (Yeah I know... Yes they are all married)

Family Camping trip...  Justin's idea to launch the kids off the hot dog onto the air mat. (no one was seriously injured or maimed during the taking of this picture.)

Jump Idaho- Indoor trampoline center. 

Australia: My bestest in the whole world:  The Lovely Ali Hill.

"Filling" the Pool...

Emmett Cherry Festival

New Years Eve 

 Aarons Kinder Class.
(Aaron is standing next to the sign in the orange and grey t-shirt...)

There you have it.  2010.  Unfortunately, I also switched computers 2 times during 2010 and so my pictures are scattered...  Missing most of my AU pics and all my Brave Girls Camp Pictures. :( 

Love to all.  Must sleep.  xoxo


Lisa said...

Looks like a busy but fun year. Wishing 2011 holds even more happiness!

Alison said...

What a year. So glad I got to be part of it. Hopefully some kind of miracle will occur and I'll see you this year too. Love you more than words can express xox