Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Picture uploads at Rendi

Woohoo :)  ---  I just heard the news that Rendi going to continue offering free picture uploads through the end of the month! 

That's great news for Valentines gifts! 

AND through the end of January- I'm sharing the love.... $5.00 of all Rendi purchases made through http://www.camille.rendistyle.com/ will be donated to Charity Wings.org

 Charity Wings is a really great organization founded by my friend Elena.  It's a non profit organization that brings crafters and charities together for the grater good.  Basically it's a way to promote and draw attention to charity work you're involved in.

Charity Wings has raised over $347,665.41 for noble causes. 

Love them. 

Seriously...  Beautiful, customizable, picture frames and wall decor.
Made in the USA,
And Shipped in 48 hours.

--But not priced like it.... 
 It costs me more money to get a 48 hour rush on my business cards...
Here's a secret...  want to play around?  Create an account before you start designing and save the items to your cart...  They will be there the next time you log in!  I like to design.. then take a couple days to simmer before I go back, review my items and make any adjustments before purchasing.

Happy shopping. 

xoxo  Cam

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Alison said...

These look great Cam, hope you have fun at the conference xox