Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Chance to Win! Free Rendi Pure Cottage!

It's online! 

The first 16 products in Rendi's newest line, Pure cottage...  and it's GORGEOUS.
Remember, RIGHT NOW you can still enter to win a free product from this new line up to $24.95 in value.

New, and free.  It doesn't get any better! 

The new Pure Cottage line is very clean.  It reminds me of crisp white linens, and homemade bread.

It also includes new shapes in the Rendi product family. 

Oh one more thing. 

{Host a party... Or attend a party,
and enjoy buy 2 get one free!}

That's a 33% discount... on top of the 11-20% discount that went into effect recently. 

Enter my drawing for a free product with 5 entries.

Go to and open an account.  No commitment, no credit card needed.  an account allows you to play around with customization and save for later.

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Entries close tonight!! 

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