Friday, December 28, 2012

2013: The Year of ACTION

I recently participated in a couple independent assessments called DISC and CORE.  They are the kind of assessments that measures the individuals strengths and weaknesses. 

The weaknesses part kills me.  As predicted, the assessment rated me very high on the perfectionist scale (clearly, this is not a grammar, spelling, formatting, or punctuation scale), which means having to stare down my flaws...ugh.  Kill me now.

My weaknesses ranged predominantly in:

having to make hard decisions
and...what if people don't like me 

Anyone who knows me at all... knows this is SO accurate.  I would rather wait months, sometimes years, hoping a difficult situation will resolve itself, rather than address the issue head on... especially if the solution involves a hard decision that could result in someone not liking me.  (Egads!  not that!!)

There are so many things I have been procrastinating.  Changes I have needed to make for:so:long, but I was to afraid of the repercussions.  Afraid of hurting people I care about, and afraid of facing my fears.

It's time I stop being such a wimp.  I'm going to confront the hell out of 2013. 

I made a lot of decisions in 2012.  Free-ing, lighten-the-load, push-the-weight-off-my-shoulders, kinds of decisions. I feel so good.  They were not easy decisions to make, but the feeling that comes when I've made a decision I know is the right decision-- that is freedom and self-respect.

But, you know what I figured out in 2012?  It's completely possible to make BIG decisions.... and then go right on living exactly as you always have... without making any changes at all.  Sort of diminishes the whole point, but it's so much easier to not actually do anything. Life still sucks, but it's easier. Do I want an easy, sucky, life?  Yeah, not so much.

Action.  It's time to start DOING all the things I've been talking and thinking about. 

I have been procrastinating long enough...

Now, I am going to make a decision to have a hot long bubble bath....  And Im actually going to do it. 

See ya later,


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