Sunday, October 28, 2007

Acrylic Albums!

I love Acrylic Albums! I design and cut my own custom shapes. --not to be confused with the copycats. Mine were first.

Here's a look at some of the custom shapes I have cut.
The first album I created was this snowflake album. The first one I cut took about 8 hours and I broke two pages! Now I can make on in about 1 hour --without even breaking any pages! Woohoo!

To make my albums I use 5 different power tools, and several hand tools. I make them when my husband is not home since if he saw how I make them he would probably not allow me in the garage. You see he really likes all my fingers and the fact that I have two eyes and would like for me to stay that way!

Next I cut a mason Jar album and a Tea Pot album for a GREAT customer. She has recently asked me to cut a Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Man shaped album. I can't wait to start them!

Then came the football album. I love this album. I'm going to make one filled in BSU colors and fill it with tailgating recipes- or something- for my parents.

Hey mom, if you're reading this, forget I said anything!

Finally, my favorite album so far! My house shaped album. I love how this albums turned out with the different sized and shaped pages. It made a great gingerbread house and would be great for a haunted Halloween album. I would love to make 4 albums for winter, spring, summer and fall. As soon as I finish all the custom orders I have for this one, I think I will start that next!

Do you have an idea for a great shaped album? Let me know and I'll consider creating it for you!

My shaped albums are all copywritten and cannot be reproduced without my written consent.

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mandbrid said...

They are all so creative Cam! How are your orders coming along?