Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have a best friend who I can't live without.

She is so strong. She is one of those people that everyone seems to lean on for strength. Not because I am weak, but because she is so much stronger than I am.

She is so brave. To stand alone when her husband is deployed for long months on end. To face the illness of one child and remain strong for the others.

She is so smart. Whenever I can't figure life out and don't know what to do I can count on her for sound advise. Things I usually already know, but haven't been able to accept, and she isn't afraid to tell me. She'll wipe the ground with you in a wits battle and then pick you up and send you on your way.

She inspires me. Her dedication and hard work drives me to try harder myself. She sets challenging goals and then immediately gets to work attaining them.

She's someone I could hang out with all day in my pajamas with no make up and never once feel self conscience. Even though she is beautiful she never makes you feel like your not.

She's amazing.

I have a best friend I can't live without.

I love her!

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Ali said...

My Dearest Sweet Camille,

I love you more than words can say. Reading this has completely brightened my day. Things really have been so dark lately, one drama after another. I miss being able to write to you all the time. When I do get to check my email seeing an email from you always makes me smile. Thankyou for being such an important part of my life that I couldn't do without!!!

I love you!