Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am feeling quite a bit better. Things are looking better. I'm still waking up early and stressed every morning, because it take a while for my body to catch up and stop stressing quite so much.

I think it's important to note that my make believe friend TAMN is having her make believe twins today. Seriously.

Oh, and we're selling our Van.

It's a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. I know... minivan. It just screams mom-mobile.

But really, if you need the space, and don't want to have to deal with the gas mileage of a SUV, well then, the Dodge Grand Caravan is the best option out there.

We did our research when we bought it. Compared to the other 2005 mini vans, the Dodge Grand Caravan has the best safety rating, best reliability rating, and best leg and cargo room for the best price. Sure, the Honda Od.. van is comparable, but cost about 40% more...

Our van does not have the power doors, which is a really good thing, because the biggest problem this van had was in the power doors failing... If the power doors failed then you had to climb everyone in threw the front seats, or pay out the wazoo to have the doors repaired. We specifically looked for a van without power doors.

It also has the built in 5 point child safety seats in the middle bench. I can't begin express how convenient that little feature has been! No big, bulky, dirty, child car seats. Easy to store away, easy to use, easy to adjust the fit, AND comfortable seats for an adult when the child seat is not in use.

The van has 54k miles on it and has been well maintained. The oil was changed about 2 months ago, the tired have good tread, the brakes have been changed when needed, the windshield wipers are in excellent condition.

The dodge Grand Caravan even has a programmable garage door remote button build into the dash so you can program your garage door, and you never have to worry about your remote being stolen, or misplaced.

The 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan has tons of cargo space. It's difficult to really get a feel for how much room there is in the back of the van, but I'll try and give you an idea. Our family of 5 took a two week road trip from Idaho to Texas, and fit ALL of our luggage, camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, etc) AND a port a crib and pillows, and fit it ALL (YES, ALL) in the back of the van. And with young kids, we really don't pack light. And no, we did not take out the back seat.

We're asking $7800

Why are we selling it?
Well, back when gas was up to $4.00/gal and my husband was driving his full size pick to work everyday and bleeding us dry, we decided to get a car, and sell his truck. His truck is great, but it has a little higher miles. While we've had a lot of interest, we haven't been able to sell it. In the mean time, my husband has been working away on me, trying to convince me that we should keep his truck, which seats 6 comfortably, and sell the van.

We bought the van because we were going to be expanding our family. Now that we're not going to be having any more children, it isn't really necessary for us to have it anymore.

Click here if you'd like to check out the craigs listing.

Okay, so my post just turned into a used car ad. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.


mandbrid said...

Wish I could buy it! Does it have a shoulder harness in the middle of the back seat? That's a huge problem with our '02 Caravan...only a lap belt. Makes it difficult to fit all three booster seat bound children in the back. Another plus to your is that it's CLEAN! WOW! Tony always jokes that BFI called and wants their van back - in regards to my's a pig sty. Lots of luck to you in selling your van! said...

AND you are showing a love of coutry by owning one of these Dodge Caravan's in this blue. It is called Patriotic Blue!!!
It is a good van though, and I would like to keep it for the family trips and stuff, because it has soo much room, but we need to sell something and no one wants an older PU with 115K miles, even though it's a great truck!

Amber H. said...

Good luck! I hope it sells quickly :o)

Craig and Stacy said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better, and things are looking up for you! Love YA Stacy

Craig and Stacy said...

Go to my blog.....

Close your eyes....

And just listen....

a small gift for you !!!

:) Stacy

amy said...


tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.