Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's On My Camera

Alright. I've been having a hard time coming up with things to blog about.

So here's what's been going on in our lives that I actually managed to take some pictures of.

Last Saturday a good friend of ours threw a surprise birthday party for his wife... at the bowling alley. My kids love the idea of bowling, but they can hardly handle the bowling ball. Even the 6 -8 lb balls are a bit much for them to swing with one hand and release at just the right time. The result... a lot of loud bangs as the ball is dropped on the lane and then a full two minutes of exciting anxiety watching the ball make the LONG journey to the pins and seeing if any get knocked over.

Seriously, a couple times the ball actually came to rest leaning against the pins. That takes talent. Don't believe me? Try it sometime.

Yes, Jennica's ball really is moving...
Her game which consisted of 5 little girls under 6 years old only made it half way through the 5th frame before we had to go.

Check out Noah's sweet form:

This picture didn't actually come from my camera. That's Sara, the birthday girl, right next to me. She looks AMAZING considering she just had twins. She is so sweet. I really admire her.

On Sunday after church Aaron brings me a little hair bow and wants to put it in my hair. I told him I was going to put it into his hair... then the following ensued with Andy, Noah and Aaron.

Then Jennica "held" daddy still so Noah could get him back. Daddy wasn't much of a good sport about it... always yanking his head out of the way before they could get the bow clasped.

On Monday we had a family get together to celebrate birthdays and just be together.

My nephew, Cruzer turned 1 in January. (I know.. we're a bit late.) He got his shirt wet while drinking during dinner so he's cruzing around topless. He is so cute and always smiling!

This was suppose to be a picture of my parents... but seriously who can ignore the Cruz mans fantastic physic? Down to his little designer skinny jeans and all.

We also celebrated My niece Sariah's birthday, and my brother Al's birthday, but I didn't get a single picture of them. :( sorry guys.

Seriously, when the cat started to climb into the box, I actually considered taping it closed, and mailing her somewhere. Now that would have made a GREAT blog contest prize.

(Now really Folks, I don't torture animals. I would never actually do this, and I do not condone animal abuse or cruelty. I would miss the cat and my kids would REALLY miss the cat. Andy wouldn't but, well, that's that. And if you only knew how annoying this cat can be sometimes you'd have fleeting thoughts of boxing her up too... please don't post hateful comments about what a horrid person I am. If you're truely offended, please just leave and don't come back becase my blog is not going to be your happy place. You might try this blog instead..)

Right as I was down loading my pictures to post this entry, suddenly out of nowhere it started hailing and raining the thunder and lightning..

Now as I finish up, it's already bright and sunny and there is no sign of the hail or rain.. I'm tempted to take a picture, but I'm afraid the weather might change again before I can get it posted, and then I would be caught in a never ending cycle of taking weather pictures.

Yes, I know, boring post.. What makes me sad? Not only does the cat blog have way more followers than I do, but all the followers are CATS. What the heck?


mandbrid said...

Gotta love willows cat blog...you're too funny! The bowling looks like a bunch of fun - we've gotta do that sometime soon.

Amanda said...

I love your disclaimer about cats. It reminds me of that ridiculous misunderstanding about the high school incident.

Jesse Edwards said...

you're funny, and may I say that you look amazing!!! Love all the pics!

Kindall Klan said...

your disclaimer was HILARIOUS cami! You crack me up :)