Sunday, July 10, 2011

Even Wonder Women Needs a Little Help Sometimes...

Brave Girls Club.
Just think of it as the enigma of Art Retreats.

Really.  Anytime I tell someone "I'm going to Brave Girls Camp!"  I get a lot of blank stares... actually blank stares would be nice... really it's more an expression of "sommmmmebody's been hittin' the sauce."

And then after I tell them, "It's this amazing life and art retreat for women that changes the way you look at yourself, and helps you to refocus and recenter your life around what's important, and real, and true.

Then I get the "somebodies a little phsyco" mixed in with a little "brainwash camp" look.


[uh-nig-muh] Show IPA
–noun, plural -mas, -ma·ta [-muh-tuh] Show IPA.
1. a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation

Needless to say, it's impossible to explain what happens, or how such amazing life changes and life friendships can happen over such a short period of time.  For some women Brave Girls Camp is the first opportunity in their life when that they allow themselves to believe...
That they are beautiful on the inside and out.
That they are valuable.
That there is a purpose for their life.
That there are other people who need them.
That it is okay to forgive.
That it is okay to love, and be loved.
That everyone... no matter how pulled together they appear on the outside... has challenges and insecurities on the inside.
That there are other women who understand what they are going through.

Cam and Ali
Brave Girls Practice Camp Sept. 2010

Back then I was so sure of myself....  I was so sure I was:
a failure

I'm not perfect, sometimes I still struggle with all of these things. 
Brave Girls Club helped me "find my balls" literally. 
They were in Cascade, ID (who knew, right?).

Brave Girls Club helps women to feel confident with who they are. 
It helps women to see themselves clearly.

There is just something about stepping into your Brave Girl boots and hitting the floor running.

After Brave Girls Practice Camp, the First official Brave Girls Camp was held in October of 2009.  I don;t have a group picture, but I believe there were about 35 people.

Then February, 2010

May, 2010

October, 2010

February, 2011 Staff Picture (minus one unicorn. aka Tanya) 

 Brave Girls Camp is an art retreat, but not like any other.  All of the art projects are introspective and designed to help women really face what's holding them back, deal with it, and move forward.  Almost everything involves collage, and lots and lots and lots and lots of Mod Podge. 
For real....  invest in their stock.

Brave Girls Camp is about taking a time out from all the roles we play, responsibilities we hold, and people who rely on us, and remembering who we are, and that we can't function well for anyone when we are depleted ourselves. 

It's about listening to what your heart needs to tell you and then doing something about it.

Facing the lies, and moving past them.

Wanna see how far I've come?  I made this next piece at practice camp.  It perfectly described who and where I was mentally:

And then I made this leather bracelet at February 2011 camp.

  Because I am.....
Wonder Cam.

Tomorrow Staff heads up to McCall, ID to start prepping for July 2011 Camp, as well as the first mother/daughter Brave Girls Camp.

It's going to be crazy busy.  Tons of hard work.  Really great food.  Amazing new friendships.

Brave Girls Club.
Just think of it as the enigma of Art Retreats.... and then COME.

See ya in two weeks.



Lisa said...

Oh Cam ~ Have such a wonderful time! I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was there.
The people who do not get Brave Girls Club are unfortunately the people who need it the most. I know how fortunate I was to be able to come and participate twice. I look forward to coming again in the future when I need a "refresher".

Alison said...

wish I was there so bad. I need brave girls right now! But I'm gonna hang on till next year. Love you xox

:Jayne said...

What a blessing to get so much Brave Girl life changing love! It is the best thing I ever did. Can't wait to come back!
My heart is with all of you this week.

AuBien said...

Back again, Camille...and loving everything you're sharing. It is all you said and more. {heart}