Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My No-Longer-Brown Thumbs


In 1999  we bought our first house and moved in... me with grand designs for a fabulous vegetable garden, and gorgeous plants... which is what I'm going to posting about today.

...All of my failed, failed, failed gardens.

Every spring I spent so much money and time preparing a garden, buying and planting, and then weeding all summer... to end up with about 5 tomatoes... maybe a few cucumbers, and some zucchini...  and that's about it....  would have been a hundred times cheaper to just go to the fruit stand.

And yet, I still tried... and planted year after year, confirming and substantiating that I did not have the necessary green thumb. 

Oh...  and I do have a florists license, and do floral design for weddings etc... so the whole brown thumb syndrome really stings.. and irritates the heck out of me.

Then this spring we built this really fantastic raised planter box.  It's 4' by 8' by 4'  Filled it with dirty....  top soil we had to buy... and planted....

Things seemed to be coming in rather nicely.

I left for Brave Girls Camp and came home to this:

You see, I thought I had an understanding with the plants that half of them would die, and the remaining plants would be stunted and not really actually grow any bigger than they were at the store. 

We've had this understanding for 12 years...

Instead I have attack of the tomato plants.  There is suppose to be a row of tomatoes and a row of herbs and peppers.  The herbs and peppers are completely buried under the tomato plants.  The tomatoes are in cages, which they have completely grown out of. 

As it turns out, I do have green thumbs, and really, really crappy ground soil. 
Who knew??

xoxo Cam

ps.  I can't wait for REAL vine ripened tomatoes.

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Alison said...

I love it, wish I could come taste your tomatoes xox