Friday, March 21, 2008

Noah's Spring Music Program

Yesterday was Noahs Spring Music Program. It ws so cute! The whole program theme was about bugs going to congress to pass the Bugs bill of rights.

I took some great video, but I'm having problems getting it to upload. I'll keep trying, but if anyone has any tips please let me know. I'm getting an unable to upload your video error.

Noah's elementary School is a bit overcrowded. The music teacher does an amazing job considering she had to give up her class room this year. For music class the teacher has to push around her music cart from class to class. They either practice in the kids
classroom or in the hall way.

Also as a result of the size of the student body they break up the music programs. First grade and 3rd grade have a Christmas Program, 2nd grade and and fourth grade have the spring music program, and I'm not sure about kindergarden and fifth grade. They must have a program just before school gets out.

Anyway, Noah did so well and was so cute with his little buggy antenae. Hopefully I can get the video uploaded later this evening. It's so cute!


ahalversen (DBA) said...

How fun! I love kiddie music programs! They are the best, and one of the most fun parts of having kids in school! For the video, you might want to check how big it is. If you took it in large format, it might be too big for blogger. They only allow so many MB. I usually use the Google Video because it's easy and you can keep it private. Good luck and I hope you get it to work!

Shelley said...

I can't wait to see the video. I was in music programs throughout my entire school career, not counting college, it was so much fun. I kinda miss it.