Monday, March 31, 2008

Noah's First job

I feel such joy and happiness over my little, big Noah! This past weekend he had his first real job. The neighboor was going out of town and hired him to take care of their dog. He was suppose to feed it in the morning and afternoon and let it out of it's kennel to run and play for a while everyday.

He was so diligent with his job. He went over 4 or 5 times every day to make sure the dog was alright and wasn't getting lonely. About half the time he would take his brother and sister along. Then he'd have to spend an extra ten minutes convincing Aaron it was time to come home.

When the neighboor can home they were very happy with the job he had done and paid him a whole $10.00! He was so happy and excited! He should be. He showed a lot of responsability and dedication to the job. Well done!

PFOP - Pocket Full of Papers

In June of 2006, I made the choice to start an eBay selling group for premade scrapbooking and paper piecing artists. The purpose of the group was to allow top quality designers, who also showed high integrity and ethics, to group together and pool our efforts for several different purposed. First, increase exposure to our work, two, build a larger clientel, and three, to see an increase in final bids. I originally named the group Quality Premade Scrapbook Association, QPSA for short. Later, we decided as a group to rename the team Pocket Full of Papers, or PFOP.

What I didn't expect was to gain so many great friends, and to become so emotionally attached to my group members. I have met so many fantastic people! Not only are they amazing artists, but amazing individuals. They want to do so much more than just make money. They desire to do for others and help not only their fellow members, but their communities and non profit organizations. I just can't say enough good things about the fine group of women I've been able to work with. I feel so honored they allowed me to lead them.

This past week I announced to PFOP that I would be leaving the group. It's a decision I've contemplated for a long time. I hate having to give up the daily interaction with my fellow team members, however with my pregnancy I just haven't had the desire to scrapbook and I have not been meeting the groups minimum listing requirements. As the group leader, I need to be setting an example, not lagging at the rear. Of course, no one in the group said a word to me about my lack of listings, but I did not feel like the group could grow and advance as long as I stayed on as the leader to serve my own selfish purpose.

Since I announced my impending departure I have been overwhelmed by the love and support my team has shown at loosing me. I never really considered myself a good leader, or even one of the better designers. I'm very touched at the respect I've been shown. It's been such an honor to lead so many talented and respected artists, and then to have then disappointed that I'm leaving, well sheeesh, I'm touched.

I won't be leaving immediately, there is one last multigroup challenge coming up in the end of April I plan to participate in. After that I will stay on for a short time, not as an active member, but more as a consultant to help the transition to new leadership go smoothly.

My good friend Tammy (scrapn4mygirlz on eBay) will be taking over for me and leading the group. She's going to do a wonderful job. She already has the respect of her team members as both a leader and a designer. She has shown over the years that she values her integrity and always tries to act in the best interest of everyone involved. She is a selfless person. When her name was first suggested as a team leader her response was that she wasn't a leader. I love that about her, because she really is a leader and has been for some time. The team agreed to support her 100%.

When I announced I was leaving the group several of my close friends and team mates, who were also just kind of holding on more for the social aspect than because they wanted to sell on eBay, (just as I was) also announced they would be leaving. I know PFOP is sad to see them go as well. It's going to be a different dynamic in the group for a while as new members join up and current members step into leadership roles. What remains though, is the same foundations and principles the group was built on. I'm sure that through those foundations and principles that even though the names and faces will change, and general feeling and mission of PFOP will remain the same.

All I know is once I leave I want a "PFOP Fan" tag for my discussion board posts.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Fancy Hair Do.

Yesterday Jennica styled my hair for me while I was working on the computer. Aaron even helped some. Isn't it boutiful!

Friday, March 28, 2008

20 Weeks!

I feel like there is SO MUCH going on right now that I'm dieing to blog about, but I can't yet... I need to wait till a few more issues are resolved.

So for the time being you'll all have to settle for your Camille McClelland blog fix by checking out some pictures of my 20 week HOT preggo bod! lol...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter was such a fun day. We started with the kids waking us up, asking if they could eat the goodies from their Easter baskets. They were all being so well behaved, I wasn't quit sure where they came from and what they had done with my real children.

After that, we did our traditional jelly bean hunt inside the house. Every year the Easter bunny hides jelly beans all over the living room, and the kids have to find them all.

After that was finished up (I think it took all of 5 minutes,) we started working on breakfast.

Pancakes with slices strawberries and banannas, sausage, applesauce and juice. Yum! It was so good. During breakfast, Noah suddently looks at the applesauce and reads the container, exclaiming to us, "Applesauce is a fat free food!" Woohoo!

Then we got ready for church services. The kids looked so good in their new Easter clothes, which my mother in law picked out and sent. I think she did an awesome job! The kids looked awesome, and Noah was SOOOOOOOOO excited about his new blazer, with all the pockets, just like dads.

During this whole time Jennica started to complain about her tummy. She hadn't eaten any of her Easter candy, so knew she really wasn't feeling good.

We took some pictures inside the house and then went outside and took some together. The one picture with me in it really didn't turn out very well. I know you're all sad, but you'll have to live without it.

We went to church together, but Jennica still wasn't feeling very well so after sacrament service I took her home and had her rest in bed.

She started to feel better, so when church was finished we went back and picked up Andy and the boys and drove over to my parents house for dinner.

We took some more pictures when we got there, but Jennica had already changed out of her dress, and told me her hair hurt her head, so next to the boys all dressed up she looks a bit like a rag-a-muffin.

We also took some pictures of my nieces, Sariah and Emily. Sariah just turned 12, Happy Birthday! Isn't she turning into a lovely young women?
After dinner we took the kids outside for an easter egg hunt. My nephew, Ethan, was a madman on a mission. He collected so many eggs it was funny, but then he lovingly shared his abundance with the other children.

Later we put Sariah in charge of all the kids and my mom presented a power point presentation she had helped create for President Walker on Family History work. It was really beautiful and had so much important information. I left with a much better understanding of the importance of this great work. The presentation will be shown at a regional family history conference coming up soon.

Even though it was overcast and a bit on the cold side all day, it was a lovely Easter. I just love to be with family and spend time together. My kids are begining to understand the meaning of Easter and the sacrafice the Savior made for us.

I am so grateful for my children and my family. I am so grateful that through the atonement of our Savior we can be forgiven of our sins and return and live with him again. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Noah's Spring Music Program

Yesterday was Noahs Spring Music Program. It ws so cute! The whole program theme was about bugs going to congress to pass the Bugs bill of rights.

I took some great video, but I'm having problems getting it to upload. I'll keep trying, but if anyone has any tips please let me know. I'm getting an unable to upload your video error.

Noah's elementary School is a bit overcrowded. The music teacher does an amazing job considering she had to give up her class room this year. For music class the teacher has to push around her music cart from class to class. They either practice in the kids
classroom or in the hall way.

Also as a result of the size of the student body they break up the music programs. First grade and 3rd grade have a Christmas Program, 2nd grade and and fourth grade have the spring music program, and I'm not sure about kindergarden and fifth grade. They must have a program just before school gets out.

Anyway, Noah did so well and was so cute with his little buggy antenae. Hopefully I can get the video uploaded later this evening. It's so cute!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a BOY!

Go figure. Well, I did kind of expect it, and I can't say I'm at all surprised.

I guess this means I'll be able to sell all those cute little girl clothes I've been hanging onto from Jennica. Maybe I'll make enough to buy my new favorite stroller... An Orbit Infant System. They retail in the $900 range, but I might be able to get a wholesale deal on a demo model... I hope so. I want one.

Now for baby names. We're thinking we kind of have to name the baby Vincent.. Let me explain why.

I guess it was about a year ago, Andy and I were at the temple doing sealings. For those of you not of our faith, sealings are a sacred ordinance performed in our temples, that we believe gives families the opportunity to be together after this life. Anyway, it's a very quiet and spiritual experience to be involved it. The typical session lasts for a couple hours, and except for the persons performing the ordination the rest of the room is very quiet. During this particular time Andy and I were observing and Andy heard a distinct voice say to him, "Vincent wants to know when he's going to be born." Up until this time, Andy still wasn't completely convinced we should have another child at all, as we both would have kind of enjoyed being finished. Vincent is a family name, as almost all of my fathers ancestors come from a little town in Italy called San Nicola, La Strada, located near Naples.

Now we knew we were going to have another baby, and apparently we were suppose to name it Vincent. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the name. Maybe it's a good middle name. If it was a girl, I would have had to name her Vincenza. Vincenza McClelland... Poor child wouldn't have had a chance.

I suppose I'm glad it's a boy. This is definately the last baby, and if it had been a girl I would have felt guilty about not trying one more time after this one for little Vincent.

Oh yeah, everything else looks great for the little baby, all is normal and healthy looking. My boy is also a huge wiggler.

18.5 weeks

I know, I know, can't I find anyone to take my picture? Well, my 5 yr old Jennica is home, but sometimes it's just easier and faster to take them myself.

So here is how I look now. I'm at 18.5weeks. To be perfectly honest, there is quite a bit of fat there. This is the most weight I've put on this early in pregnancy. It was really hard to control. My moring sickness was so bad, that if it remotely sounded good I ate it. Unfortunately one thing that always sounded good were those hostess pudding pie things... Oh yum! And Budget Gourmet Salsbury Steak "dinners." I use the term dinner lightly because it's really more of a snack. Oh well. It's the last baby! That also means it's the last time I'll have to loose all the post baby weight gain.

In the pictures I am wearing my post pregnancy size 12 jeans, and I can actually button them all the way up and they are quite comfortable. That's a bit depressing then I consider after the baby is born it will take me a month or two just to get back into them. Oh well, It's all about the baby, right?

I did feel the baby move for the first time last Saturday, the 15th. I haven't felt it since, so now I'm doubting if it really was the baby I felt or not.

Here's my EXCITING news. Today, at 2:30 I have my ultrasound! Woohoo! That means we'll find out what we're having, and get to start picking names. I'm kind of hoping for a girl so wish me luck!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rowdy bags!

I know I've posted about my FAV new diaper bags before, but I gotta do it again. I have permission to give out a special 10% discount code! Just type in "blog" at check out. How cool is that? You can all thank me later....

I do feel the need to brag a bit. One reason I am so in love with these bags is because my AMAZING Sis in law is the head designer. She's so talented!

So here's my next dilema, which one should I order. Here's my faves:

The Green Rocker

The Copper Rocker

and the Red Croc Bowler.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Eleanor Roosevelt Blanket

Here's my latest baby blanket. I was making it for a baby themed eBay listing, but I can't decide. It didn't really come out like I had wanted it to.

It's pretty, but it just looks a bit matronly to me. I was hoping for a more modern hip look. That's the think with handcut chenile, sometimes you just don't know how it's going to turn out till after you wash it.

I'm naming this blanket pattern the Eleanor Roosevelt. It's a beautiful blanket, and the texture is superb. With the chenilling on both sides it feels just amazing, and pictures just can't do it justice. When I think of Eleanor Roosevelt I think of a stately, refined, grandmotherly type. When I look at this blanket. I just think Eleanor Roosevelt.

The blanket is made of 4 layers of Flannel, and one layer of machine washable satin.

Here's how I made the blanket.

Keep in mind this is my original copyright Camille McClelland 2008 design, please do not duplicate for sale or profit.

I made the blanket by layering the flanel and satin, and then applying to the satin, flowers cut out of flannel. Some are a single layer thick, and some are up to 3 layers thick. I pinned each flower in place and then proceeded to stitch rows on my sewing machine about every 1/4 inch. After all the stiching was complete I cut the flannel between each row of stitches, including the flower pattern on the front of the blanket.

On the reverse side I cut through only 3 layers of the flannel leaving one layer of flannel and the satin uncut. This gives the blanket more stability than if I had only left the satin uncut.

After all the cutting is complete, attach the binding around the edge. I used the same blue satin.

Once the binding is secure, wash and dry the blanket. This is my favorit part because up till now you've put hours into the blanket, with no real idea on how the finished blanket is going to look. My very favorite part is taking the blanket out of the dryer for the first time.

If you have any weird loose threads, trim them and then you're finished!

In case you're wondering the last picture includes a piece of the top layer of flannel so you can see how it looked BEFORE it was cut and washed.

Pretty cool huh!


My neighboor has the most darling little twin girls. They love Noah and Jennica and call for them whenever they see them. This year they are finally old enough to jump on the trampoline. My neighboor moved it over to the edge of our fence so the kids can talk over the fence. Isn't this the cutest thing ever! One is Jayden and one is Kaitlyn, but don't ask me which is which, I have no idea! Also pictured is the twins brother, Tristan, and my son, Noah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Cat's Fetish

We have a cat.
It's a lovely cat.
Her name is Jessica.
Jennica named her and everything Jennica names, from her imaginary friends, to the new baby, HAS to be named Jessica. It's her favorite name.
We got her from my good friend Mandy for Christmas. Well... technically, Santa got her from my good friend Mandy and brought her to our house on Christmas Eve.
Now, Mandy reads my blog, so I say this in good humor and I hope she won't feel responsable for my inability to train our cat.
Okay. The cat has a serious issue with toilet paper. We found out about it just a few days after bringing her home, and immediately moved the toilet paper and paper towels to the top shelf in the pantry.
Now she has found a way to get up there.
This is a typical roll of toilet paper if you try and use the bathroom at our house. Yeah, I know, why don't I just throw the roll away... but I'm just to darn cheap to throw it away. We do throw away the outer layers of shread, because I mean really, there's a reason we don't wipe with confetti.
Being a first time cat owner I have to ask, Is this behavior normal... In any sense of the word? Or does my cat have an unusual interest in disposable absorbent paper products?
She does look a little crazy doesn't she?

Friday, March 7, 2008

I have a cold... and I'm tired of it.

UGH! There is nothing worse than having a cold when you're pregnant. What I wouldn't give right now for a huge dose of Day Quil! I used an entire box of Kleenex yesterday. That's about enough of this. I'll do a real post when I'm feeling better.

If you know any really effective home remedies, safe for preggo's please post them. I'm dieing here!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pete And Courtney

I finally have a picture of the happy couple!

Aren't they cute! I am so excited. Here's the picture of the dresses for all the little nieces to wear. The nephews will wear coordinating bow ties.

The reception will be at a lovely country club with tall trumpet vases on the guest tables filled with wispy curly willow, calla lilies and bells of Ireland. The bride will carry a calla lily bouquet.

They are going to trust me with the wedding flowers. I'm excited, I haven't done a wedding in a couple years.

On COMPLETELY different topic, Andy called me this morning at 7:45 to tell me his truck had died on the freeway on his way to work. We got it towed back to our house and Andy took my van to work. Great. For every two steps we take forward we seem to slide back one. Hopefully it's nothing major.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

16 weeks!

I've made it to 16 weeks! The nausea is getting so much better and I'm getting my energy back up. Here's the latest pictures of my ever expanding bump. Jennica took these for me. Aren't they lovely?
By the way,I want to take this moment to mention my favorite new maternity item. Belle Bands! They are these tubes of stretchy jersey fabric that you wear around your abdomen to keep everything smooth looking and expand your wardrobe. They make it possible to wear non maternity clothes longer, and get a better fit on those slightly big maternity pants. This skirt I'm wearing is almost completely unzipped. The belle band hold the skirt in place and looks like a layered cami. It also keeps the loose unzipped fabric in place so it doesn't look all bunchy and uneven.
After you have a baby you can also wear them pulled up to your bra line for a little more modest coverage of your torso when breastfeeding. I love them! I bought mine on ebay. No, I don't sell them, and no, I'm not getting kickbacks for mentioning them. I just love them!!