Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cruz Micheal Serra

On January 7th my brother and his wife had their first baby. He's beautiful and doing very well. So are mom and dad.

He was 9 lb even, and 22.5 inches long.

Kat looks incredable for having had a baby just a little over 3 weeks ago.

I love being an aunt!


Kristi said...

What a cutie. Is she seriously that skinny after having a baby not long ago?

Ali said...

They are just all too darn gorgeous!!! NOBODY should look that good after having a baby... apart from being so thin, where are the huge big bags under their eyes?? As I said TOO CUTE!

mandbrid said...

Too cute and I LOVE the name! I need help with baby boy names...Will you ask if they have any suggestions for me? ;-)

Anonymous said...

HUGE CONGRATS to everyone!!!
He's beautiful!!