Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Boys with Puppy Dog Tails

Jennica and Aaron came to me this morning and asked if they could go play outside. They're stir crazy from being in the house all winter. I said sure, as long as they put on coats and shoes. The weather has been, BETTER, but still cold in the mid 50's. Today is no exception. Anyway, I went to call them in for lunch and this is what I see.

Can I just say oh my cuties! Aaron is wearing a old puppy dog halloween costume that's way to small for him. I made it a when Noah was about 4 and we just found it this fall. Aaron loves it. Before he went outside he got into the Quick powdered chocolate milk mix, so the costume is a mess, but he still looked so dang cute jumping up and down on the trampoline I had to go get the camera.

Andy really wants to get a puppy, now I can tell him we already have one! And it's way cute and already ((mostly)) potty trained. AND he can double for a little boy whenever we want him too! (Although, I've just been informed by Aaron, that he is not MY puppy dog, but Jeja's (Jennica's) puppy dog.)

When I first made this costume about 50% of the people who saw it thought Noah was a cow. Dude, whatever, it's a dog!


mandbrid said...

TOO CUTE! That made my day!

Kristi said...

Totally looks like a puppy. What were all of those poeple thinking. :) Puppies have perfectly round spots and cows not.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

That is so cute! I love how they always try to squeeze into clothes that are 10 times too small! I also love the second to last picture of Jennica's hair. Awesome!

Shelley said...

HAHA! Too cute. Sorry to say, but it's a dog trapped in a cow body! ;)