Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh, Aaron!

Oh my word.

I was thinking I needed to post something today so ya'll don't get board and stop checking my blog. I just had my glucose test, so I was planning on blogging about that.

See, here's the lovely picture I took of the bottle before I drank it.

Vile stuff. Tastes like a melted Otter Popsicle with extra sugar stirred in. Anyway, I took the test a few days ago and still no word from the doctor so hopefully the results were normal.

Anyway, so back to the story... I hooked my prized camera, a Canon PowerShot A620, up to the computer to down load my lovely little pic of the glucose bottle. The camera's nothing special, but it gets the job done and I LOVE it. I wasn't top of the line or anything, but it cost a good amount of money. Anyway, I was expecing a really quick download because I had cleared the memory right after my last download, and I had only taken two pictures.

The download starts.... 77 pictures. What the... Oh Aaron!

Aaron is my little 3 year old and he had a grand old time playing a computer game in my office yesterday while I was having a pregnant icky moment. Apparantly, he also FINALLY was able to get his hands on my camera and give it a good try.

There were my two pictures, and then...

42 pictures of the computer monitor

14 pictures of the desk top

9 pictures that were so out of focus I can't tell what they are

5 "self portraits"

3 shots with his hand or finger over the lense.

2 leg pictures. Nice Camo jammies, huh.

Here's some highlights for your viewing enjoyment.

I AM glad my camera is well built enough that the only noticeable difference after Aaron's photo shoot is a dirty camera lense. I will however, be doing a better job to put the camera away and not leave it out on the desk in easy reach.
I'll keep these pictures forever so I can show them to him when he's grown and HIS three year old does something crazy with a piece of expensive electronic equipment. Oh, I love motherhood!


mandbrid said...

I really thought the story ended with him breaking your camera...whew! It's hilarious that he took that many pictures...funny guy!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I'm glad your camera is ok! How funny though. I love the pictures! It sounds like something my kids would do except they would have broken my camera I'm sure!! I also hope your test results come back ok :o)

Shelley said...

He's just too cute! He might turn out to be a photographer when he's all grown up. Better keep that camera safe. ^_^

Kristi said...

As each picture passed, my husband and I were rolling on the floor laughing. So funny. Gunnar has started grabbing the camera, opening up the screen and thinking he knows what he is doing. Maybe that is probably why I thought that this was way too funny.