Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just some pointless ranting.

I was just sitting in my office thinking about all the different project I intend to do, but never seem to get too. Either I don't have the supplies, or I'm just feeling to nauseas to get to it. It's a bit frustrating because I'm feeling so inspired and crafty right now, and I have so much free time that I feel is going to waste while I sit in bed or on the computer.

There are the curtains for the windows in the front room. I need some lovely rusty red duponi silk for those... about 10 yards should do it. And of course, I need a solution for a cat that likes to climb curtains before I even consider hanging new ones.

The bulletin board for the office. I want to do a variation of this bulletin board. I can't remember if the picture is from Pottery Barn, or Ethan Allen. All I need for this one is some thick quilt batting. Instead of one solid bulletin board piece I want to break it up with different sized rectangular pieces covered in coordinating fabric.

I also want to make some wedding invitation samples up for Pete and Courntey's wedding. But, I don't know yet if they want to make them, and I don't want to be too pushy.

I have a million ideas for great custom baby blankets, and loads of fabric to get started. I can sit at the sewing machine and sew alright, but getting the fabric sorted, cut and prepared is too much movement for me. Here's a picture of one of my blankets I made a while back. It's a variation on a technique called chenilling.

I also want to move all my scrapbooking stuff from the upstairs theater room down into the office, but first I need to build out a new desk spot, and shelving to hold everything.

I would love to make myself some new hip maternity clothes. I have some great vintage fabric I got from my great aunt, but I can't handle all the movement involved in cutting and fitting the fabric.

I could go on and on. There are painting projects, cleaning projects, organization projects, decorationg projects... I won't even get started on the state of my garage. It's a disaster.

I feel so frustrated. Usually life is so demand and time consuming to allow time for these seemingly essential, but non priority tasks. And now, here I sit, day after day, with way to much time on my hands, wondering how I'm going to pass another day of feeling to nausuas to even get myself ready for the day and thinking about more and more projects I would love to be working on.

I know I'm ranting. Sometimes I just do that. Helps pass the time.

I'm 15 weeks. Since I delivery early that means only 23 more weeks till my life comes to a compelete halt and my new focus becomes a lovely bundle of joy. All my projects will be completly forgotten till we're both sleeping through the night, and well rested. Hopefully between now and then I'll be able to get something done. It would be nice to mark at least one project off the list between now and then.

Again, I'm afraid I sound a little callous, and maybe a bit like I don't want my baby. It's not that. I just hate to be unproductive. I know I'm very busy right now growing a baby, but my hands are idle and it's making me crazy.

Am I the only one who gets to feeling this way when I'm pregnant?


mandbrid said...

I definitely know some of what you feel Cam...getting the dishes done takes everything I've got right now. I so want you to teach me how to make one of those blankets (a simple one). However, I don't bet on us both feeling good enough at the same time! I just say "Oh, well...I'll be busy soon enough". That bulletin board is awesome - and sorry about the cat and the curtains...

Kristi said...

About the cat, get the thing declawed. We did that with my cat when we also got her spayed. Another thing is to spray it with a water bottle everytime it does something naughty. My cat never jumped on counters or rarely tried to scratch when she had her claws because of the spray bottle.

I hope you get feeling better soon. I am so in love with your blankets. I really loved the lion one that you did a long time ago.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Cam, it sounds like you and I are very similar! Whenever I decide on a project, I want to do it RIGHT NOW. If I have to wait even a few days it makes me nuts, so I can't imagine having to wait months! I'm glad your time of sickness is coming to and end...then hopefully you will be able to do some of the things that you are wanting to do. I agree with Kristi, you should declaw your cat, and I know a great ebay store where they sell dupioni silk by the yard....they have TONS of great colors! Anyway, good luck!

Dee Dee said...

You need to find something you'll enjoy doing that doesn't require moving. :) HOw about a book you've been wanting to get to? Or write out a bunch of journaling for things you want to scrap later. See if those lead to anything.

And yes, I totally and completely felt that way when pregnant and nauseous every second of every day for 20 weeks. Sympathy from me. :)