Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th

Independence day was wonderful. We went boating up at the lake with my family. Usually Black Canyon is just packed on the fourth of July. Emmett, Idaho has a predominately agricultural economy. As a result, durring the summer months there are a lot of migrant workers living there. Black Canyon is definitely the best park in the area, with lots of shade, lush green grass, and great swimming for the kids.

This year when we got there, the park was pretty full, but not nearly as full as last year. When our family goes boating we usually go up in the afternoon and then stay till the park closes. Most everyone who was at the park this year had come in the morning and left between 5-7pm. By 7pm the park was almost empty and we had the whole lake pretty much to ourselves. It was great! What Black Canyon use to be like before it became so popular.

Afterwards we went over and lit fireworks at my parents house.

Today I am so sore and my muscles are stiff as can be from tubing. I swear Pete was trying to kill me. Right before I went I pulled him on the tube and I guess it wasn't the most exciting ride.. I'm not use to driving the boat... I told him before he went that it was going to be either extremely boring of extremely dangerous.

After reading my friends blogs all about how grateful they are to our founding fathers for this great nation we live in, I hate to admit it, but I didn't once think about our military, or the freedoms we enjoy, our founding fathers and those who built this great nation. I feel kind of bad about that. I'm completely taking my freedom for granted.


mandbrid said...

Your day sounds like so much fun! We stayed home and lit some fireworks...nothing too exciting...except sparklers always bring back great memories.

Jesse Edwards said...

sounds like you had so much fun!!! I can't wait to go to the lake...haven't been once this summer.

Alison said...

Glad to hear all of you had such a great day together. Wish I could of come too!