Thursday, July 3, 2008

First shoulder rides.

I can't believe my kids are old enough for this.


After prayers Andy and I stay on our knees to give everybody good night kisses. Noah is now taller than me by a bit in this position. Jennica is nipping at his heels. I thought having kids would free me from the short jokes, but I have a feeling it won't be long now.

I just want to take a moment to remind all of you tall girls (Ali mostly.. cause she's likely to give me crap) out there that I am 5' 5". I am NORMAL. I have never had a hard time at a dance because I'm taller than the boys... I've never worried about bumping my head on the ceiling... no one has ever asked me how the weather is down there... I've never worried about wearing heels on a date. I'm compact.. Like the advanced travel version of a tall person. I fit in a geo metro. I can ride in the back seat of most cars. My feet don't hang off an air mattress.

See, I have the advantage..


Breya Fujimoto said...

I have to repeatedly tell Dax 5'5'' is not dwarfism. He is convinced it is, since he's well, half-Japanese and still 6'2". He loves to hug me and rest his chin on the top of my head and call me shorty. I'm telling you right here and now 5'5" is RESPECTABLE!!!! We do have the advantage!!!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I'm right there with you Cam! I'm 5'6" so I can relate. Luckily I'm the tallest girl in my family so I don't have to worry about people making fun of me. I feel tall when I'm around them! My mom is 5'2", my older sister is 5' and my younger sister is 5'3". It's nice to be the "tall" one and still have the advantages you talked about! I like that my feet don't hang off the air mattress! Oh, and I'm all with you on the kids stop growing thing. It goes by WAY too fast!

HappyScrapper said...

I am the short one here so far...standing at a mere 5'. But don't let that fool you, you know what they say? DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES....heeeee heeee :)
I know what you mean about the kids growing up! My oldest one can pick me up and carry me like a baby in his arms!! That is kind of scarry... you know he could just chunk me across the room to get his "revenge"...but he wouldn't do that, er well, I hope not!!
Bye y'all!
Happy Scrappin'
Lisa H. in Arkansas

Anonymous said...

All I am saying here is it ain't bad being tall either. I am just really glad I found a tall guy, to make me smaller at least in one way. he he
Jenni from the hood

odiesgirl said...

I have to look up to you! I give myself every half inch I can get! I love that the DMV writes me in at 5'4" when I'm only 5'3 1/2"! hehehe! Im with you there! Mine surprise me eveyday how tall they are getting!

My mom always said the "petite girls get the best pick of the guys"

Just take a look at Andy! ;o) It looks like you did just wonderfully... according to her rule! LOL

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I am almost 5'4" :) What a bunch of shorties we are! LOL

Your kiddos are TOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

The husband here:
I just wanna say I totally agree with odiesgirl - I am a great find.
And to my wonderful wife, I never thought of you as 'short', just not tall! There is a difference there. I'm tall, your not.
Love Ya'!